Becky Lynch stays with Raw and more in WWE Draft First Round: SmackDown, Oct. 11, 2019

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welcome to the 2019 WWE draft where for the first time executives from both Fox and USA Network will have direct influence over the draft as they hope to establish their exclusive rosters and now for the first pick of the first round headed to Monday Night Raw the man Becky Lynch this isn’t exactly a shock here in WWE the man Becky Lynch has been as dominant as of the superstars we’ve had on the entire roster one the main event at WrestleMania and headed to Friday Night Smackdown the Big Dawg Roman reigns the face of SmackDown no surprise here at goodies standout fruit of course not you want the big dog on your roster whether it be on Monday whether it be on Friday the bolster any Ross Monday Night Raw will remain phenomenal with AJ Styles Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vo see the current United States Champion in his running buddies day on Monday story truly a phenomenal trio of people of wreaking havoc Oh matter what brand they’re on Friday Night Smackdown selects Bray Wyatt did we saw what damage he can do moments ago oh that selfishly I’m excited to have Bray Wyatt on Smackdown beneath the feet away from me as far as possible and the last pick of the first round Monday Night Raw chooses drew McIntyre I for one think this is a great pick future world champion could not agree with you anymore a true terminator in sports entertainment drew McIntyre definitely going to bring things big-time to Monday Night Raw [Music]

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