Becky Lynch Charlotte vs The Kabuki Warriors WWE Raw October 2019

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undefeated lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world the gypsy king Tyson Fury is here on Monday Night Raw to confront and demand an apology from the monster among men braun strowman tonight he’s looking for that apology after being disrespected Friday Night Smackdown premiere on Fox well that’s the way he feels but I’m not sure that’s exactly the way it was we’ll find out though [Applause] my cwe talk show history welcome to Miz TV last week was premiere week and it was huge for WWE all the celebrities came out to see the a-lister celebrities like the rock who electrified like he only knows how celebrities like Cain Velasquez who attacked the new WWE champion Brock Lesnar celebrities like Tyson Fury who went after braun strowman and trust me i can’t wait to see what he has to say later on tonight but right now right now I want to welcome my first guest she is the raw Women’s Champion she is lucky [Applause] Bakersfield welcome but we have one more guest to get to as well ladies and gentlemen please welcome the SmackDown Women’s Champion between Charlotte Flair [Applause] [Music] and Helena Sal was just as monumental for the Queen last night guys because she became eight Women’s Champion feeding Bailey’s and recapturing this smackdown terror on Miz TV as on the news today that the actual queen of Disney’s past Friday on the Friday Night Smackdown premiere on Fox but look when you you know the way to when you’re such a bitter rival with someone at some point you gain a little [Music] maybe at some point never completely those women’s champions sitting in the ring both women two-thirds of the first-ever arse WrestleMania main level wins by the both of you at how in the cell last night Becky you defeated Sasha banks in a grueling match inside a Hell in a Cell to retain your raw Women’s Championship and what an incredible year it has been for you it feels like only yesterday we were on the set of the marine six close quarters but since then you have main evented WrestleMania you are on the cover in evented WrestleMania you are on the cover of Muscle & Fitness and ESPN magazines you were on the cover of WWE’s video game 2k 20 and if anyone is looking for an amazing cereal look at this face on the box of golden crisp cereal yummy [Applause] yeah accomplishments are great making history is great cereal is great but but the fact of the matter is that is that last night Sasha banks beat me all the way through hell and I’ve probably never be more banged up than I am today but but if she was right here right now in front of me I’d remind her that last night she got her ass kicked by the mob someone else got theirs kicked yes last night as well and her name was Bailey and she was kicked by Charlotte who became the new Smackdown Women’s Champion [Applause] a milestone win that is your 10 WWE Women’s Championship I mean what can I say it’s good to be the queen and here we are both of you champions both of you at the peak of your careers on the cusp of the WWE Draft and I don’t need to remind you this but I will the drafts can change careers it can change the direction of everything you can end up on either bread or you both could end up on the same brand the two most dominant women in all of WWE dominant women or you could just say dominant well we’re gonna see how dominant both of you are tonight because you two will be teaming together against the new WWE women’s tag team champions the kabuki warriors Oh championship showcase match and on a night like tonight everybody’s praying their best everybody had something to prove even champions like Oscar and Kyrie sang as beat up as I am I’ve got something to prove to myself tonight Oscar and I our paths don’t cross very often but the last time that they did she beat me and that is a wrong that I would like to correct tonight I mean I’m always the consummate professional look at y’all over there all happy with yourself with the belt that I made famous [Music] and I made you famous [Applause] I don’t know and you might have been Becky to veldt’s once but I’ve been the woman ten times your race may be plentiful but mine are meaningful still ten times is ten times [Applause] [Music] guys these we’re gonna have to team up this you wanna get in or maybe not or here comes a brand new WWE women’s [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] big homo to Tony Oh scary but Allah know there was something funny well that’sthat’s eager Oh gobo Connie stag I’m a CEO [Applause] stop you so how about we do this right here I know you’re gonna get your wish okay warriors charging it’s less she lives in Charlotte flesh standing tall Championships showcase they tag-team match but things are breaking down early on air king no referee we got a chairs in the ring yes these women are going at it no stopping them and vulpecula try to lock in the decembre carry sake oh no shells hammer he’s saying able to roll free finally Rep free coming on down some order being restored here on Monday Night Raw I don’t know we can look it does chairs out of the rink someone nope maybe that things on their mind championships showcases next the breads our main street so it’s the pretzel buns King we just witnessed a little bit of as well some semblance of order has been restored at least the chairs are out of the ring but the action is under way again can’t wait Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are arguing over how they can take each other’s championship titles but if they have a win here tonight they could find themselves both with two championships this well we’ve seen Becky two belts before it wouldn’t be bad to see it again maybe down the line they could have possibly two championship titles is that you could you call her Charlotte to melt or would it be Queen to belt Charlotte to championship row with Oscar right now paintbrush and Becky Lynch and look Oh Becky Lynch gonna have none of that look at Becky Lynch the fire that burns inside the man Rohan display last night at Hell in a Cell but a game King Nikki when she has to be feeling the effects of Hell in a Cell whoops she uh she said it herself she’s literally beat the hell last night thank you as also said [Applause] regula Johnson said she’s going a long time to get her hands back on Oscar goes hold a victory over the man in the past in Lynch getting caught by Oscar and oh what a night it was for all four of these women at Helena Tosca throwing her body on the line to take down Becky Lynch it broke guys really we have seen a new attitude from the Kabuki warriors over the last 24 hours well Vic it’s it’s a different attitude for Kyra Shane but we’ve seen this attitude from hasta this is the kind of attitude because of aggressiveness the kind of mean streak that allowed her to have one of the most dominant undefeated streets in WWE history well you’re right about that and I’ll tell you the dealio that I think she’ll be drafted not just high but very high Monday night you brought up the trap don’t forget the WWE draft begins this Friday on Friday Night Smackdown right now by the double double Ewing women’s tag team champions in well good point was brought up we could see Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on the same brand yeah I just happen to know that the executives at USA Network are really really high on Oscar she’s on the top of their list well now Kyrie Shane it’s on top of Becky later [Applause] right down into the midsection of the raw Women’s Champion into the cover first of the matchup in which able to kick-out at two let’s look at Kyrie seinen you know King is a magician and on that cover we’re not gonna beat anybody it is this some of Paige’s influence coming out in the Kabuki warriors now I don’t know you’d have to ask them you could probably have a decent conversation with them did you understand anything they said earlier I tried oh and what a right but I can understand a right foot to the face as now Kyrie same measuring Lynch Lynch able to roll through at the moment Oh Women’s Champion and now this is a moment for Lynch to make a tag just Charlotte Flair no kidding get her in there she’s fresh she’s wearing to go basket tags in here comes the tenth time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and there’s no love lost between flare and osku either [Applause] harlot flair Lightner up this all champion women showcased tag-team matchup has now turned around as soon as the crew tagged in and on the back of her head they’re straight to Charlotte Flair on display scarlet flair just keeps showing out a little bit you got it you gotta admit she is oh all of these women competed in a very physical use last night at Hell in a Cell Oh an Oscar now realizing it and being able to roll out of the ring Charlotte Flair standing tall knew they talked about who is the most dominant woman in the WWE Charlotte Flair certainly right now beating down both members the Kabuki warriors at King where is Charlotte Flair to the top rope I have no idea what’s going through [Applause] did I say the Queen was showing out or what the end and Charlotte flair quickly back into the ring and osku oh wait I looking for the figure-4 maybe transition to figure eight instead toss it Tyree st. Clare has been dominant here tonight kidding Charlotte Flair just just look at everything Charlotte flora got caught by Oscar this tag team match continues on Raw [Applause] champion Becky Lynch and the SmackDown Women’s Champion that being Charlotte Flair hey guys I have known Paris and for some time now and I have never seen her like this she is so aggressive even mean now I think it’s changed their entire lives becoming tag team champions leave it oh it’s Charlotte Flair just catching forward tossing tyrosine look at the strength of Charlotte fish obviously Charlotte is trying to show out and show Becky Lynch that she is the wealth of number one champion all right now she’s looking for Becky Lynch to make a tag it’s Charlotte Flair tags in the wall Women’s Champion comes the man hey Becky Lynch taking it right to Kyrie Seine and oh look at Becky Lynch go couple clotheslines that back kick no wasted motion and Becky Lynch charges right back in vaguely fired up and now catching osku it’s all Beck’s floater cookie lids shiny now let the chimp that she is you talk about showing out and showcasing yourself Becky Lynch doing just that right now we’re all Women’s Champion perched I carry soon was able to get all the way for the moment I said what a back fist who read that stop Becky Lynch in her tracks certainly didn’t the buki Warriors are very very impressive here tonight what a fist that was full from Kyrie sane and this is that new aggression deal that you were talking about his Kyrie say now dragging Becky Lynch over to her corner we saw that elbow that could very well be a prelude to a elbow drop that we’re all very familiar with I think you’re right looks like here comes say the top rope took too much time in Becky Lynch back to her feet and by the way at each other what a slam by Becky Lynch is now it’s so raw women’s champions looking to climb drop genetics Thank You legit chemical that had to be in water kicked by Oscar just saving things Lynch’s eyes just rolled back in her hips she’s dazed right now okay you got a figure not only is she dealing with the punishment that she’s experiencing this man flare I know what you’re saying do after that hill in the summer – Tyreese ain’t chopping out Charlotte Flair go behind Becky Lynch wrong Women’s Champion shoulders are gone check out for Lynch into the disarmer Kyrie singing it’s ham puppet Charlotte sweaters Becky Lynch is Kyrie say that is just like we saw it last night turn they tell you to do Women’s Championship match Terri [Music] it’s that new attitude and maybe a couple of new tricks from osku we tag team champion evidence two on one not going to work here and then numbers advantage too much for Charlotte Flair the kabuki warriors now taking control [Applause] they haven’t forgotten about 24 hours ago they felt that cream mist and now the former champions are the current champions slugging it out that’s how the kabuki warriors became tag team champions spinning that green mist into the faces of these two masks all right hand by Bliss [Applause] it Alexa bliss it Nikita sending a message to the women’s taxi champions [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we need some help for Becky’s eyes [Music] as NW Women’s Champion taxi champions may need a little help been a chaotic night here on Monday Night Raw [Music] and speaking of chaos the

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