Al Snow on Toxic Fandom Ruining Wrestling

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there’s a lot about wrestling fans these days I don’t understand they’re the goofiest bunch of people I’ve ever met they really are I hate them I really do I love the fact that they’re fans but I hate them and and and this goes back to kayfabe we used to have kayfabe out of respect for the business and and because that’s what kayfabe was and it was respect for the fans and here’s why the pinyon is the lowest form of human knowledge there’s no if ands or buts about it you can form an opinion with little or no actual information and then you can go around and spout it off as if it’s a real fact when it’s nothing more than theory conjecture and assumption that’s all it is it’s just that real knowledge is not information it takes a matter of information and experience together that make real knowledge so you have a bunch of people fans that now have access and are privy to information but have no actual experience and since they have the information they think they now have knowledge in an understanding of a business that they’ve never been in and have never had any experience what’s the problem with that is that it leads to assumptions and it leads to conjecture and it also leads to contempt familiarity breeds contempt no matter what it is the more familiar you become with it the more contemptuous you become with it and now you have a group of people granted a minority that are very vocal and they’re very contemptuous based on information that they think is knowledge that they really truly don’t have any understanding or reasoning of why we do what we do when we do it or how we do it but now assume they do because of information they have and become contemptuous of it but they’ll still watch it and so what makes it worse is we have people on the inside of the business performers writers etc management who live in a wrestling bubble who now cater to this contemptuous minority as opposed to catering to the largest audience which is the general audience that don’t really know much about or care much about wrestling other than hey I want to be entertained [Music]

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