AEW Is ALREADY Beating NXT! (WWE NXT October 9, 2019 Results & Review!)

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NXT versus atw who’s winning the battle well let’s check the ratings during the first week AAW got 1.4 million viewers while NXT got eight hundred and ninety thousand let’s be fair though it was the premiere episode of aw dynamite so most people are going to care about a aw of course except for mark mark loves NXT or not well who could believe to take over WWE during the second week AAW got 1.1 million viewers while NXT got seven hundred and ninety thousand a significant drop so what do we do right now cancel both shows burn it down okay let’s not exaggerate MLB or whatever playoffs were happening during the same days so maybe that’s why the ratings were down at the end of the day you really shouldn’t care ratings don’t affect your wallet but let’s tell it how it is so far ae W is winning the battle and I gotta be honest people I feel like NXT was not that good this week last week both shows were amazing it was kind of difficult to choose which one was better this week however I feel like a e.w basically destroyed NXT it wasn’t a bad show but it felt like a rookie show it felt like FCW this whole AAW vs. NXT thing just got a little bit more interesting my man came back from the future but to the wrong brand Biff is right here in aw oh man Biff is going to take over the wrestling world [Music] welcome everybody to another episode of greatness of n.ex.t how are you guys doing today lack of said NXT was not that good this week it certainly didn’t feel like NXT on USA Network the matches were good don’t get me wrong at the end of the day I kinda wanna see more promo work and like I’ve said last week it was difficult to choose which or was better this week easy aw very easy it felt like Triple H was not even trying NXT kicked off drew Gulick vs. Leo rush for the cruiserweight championship right now it’s called the NXT cruiserweight title and I feel like 205 Live is getting cancelled and it’s good like how much wrestling can you watch imagine if we got aew Raw smackdown NXT and then 205 live who has that much time who’s watching that much wrestling it’s good because now people will have no option but to watch 205 lat and because it’s on NXT it feels way more important the match was very good like I really enjoyed it Leo rush was really underused on Monday Night Raw this is where the guy belongs the guy can move same goes for drew Gulick as a matter of fact I feel like he should even be a contender for the NXT World Championship anyway the match was great we got a big frog splash and that look tremendous dude rush pins for the free count and we have a new cruiserweight champion so the way NXT kicked off great new champion what else can you ask for after the match William Regal comes out to present rush with the cruiserweight championship gula gets back in the ring and interrupts he grabs the championship because he wanted to give it to rush personally they shake hands Gulick leaves and regal puts the belt around russia’s waist it made the championship feel special William Regal involvement kinda helped in my opinion but do we have too many championships in the WWE right now especially in NXT yes think about it NXT has more championships than raw or Smackdown that’s kind of in my opinion a bit too much like we have the World Championship NFC North American Championship which is assigned the Intercontinental Championship and then we have the cruiserweight championship of course then we got the tag-team titles the women’s title it’s a bit too much for a two-hour show let’s be honest then we got a Lea versus Ripley and that was the first Ripley match I’ve actually seen and oh boy I was impressed it was a short match but the ending was tremendous people liked that submission move I don’t know what it was but this scrap makes her look so special she looks legit this is one of the greatest submission moves I’ve ever seen of course alia taps out and Ripley wins the match I’m already a big fan and I could be wrong but I feel like that was her first match in NXT after the match he got on the microphone and called Shayna Baszler out and people this match is going to be legit I didn’t really follow NXT that much and I’m already excited like two badass women two legit women save us for takeover please if there’s one thing that NXT are doing better than a aw is the women’s division by far like by far a double use women’s division is not even close people not even close then Bri Sango came out I was like what the hell was that I thought that these two are going to wrestle turns out it’s Brees Ango ever Rises music hits but it turns out the Forgotten sons attacked them and now instead we got Bri Stanga versus for God and sons it was pretty entertaining I do appreciate the fact that the Brees angle are on NXT because at the end of the day if you’re not doing anything roars Megan and you’re this talented maybe you should be used and they were actually one of the first examples of a main roster superstars going to NXT of course now we have Finn Balor which is even a bigger deal but I like that I want more people from raw or Smackdown on NXT the Forgotten sons won the match the double teamed Fandango for the free count Riker gets in the ring and celebrates with the sons it’s kinda crazy though for how long this guy has been in NXT we’ve got Bo vs. Cameron Grimes if your name is Bo I already know that you are going to win the match like John see Roman reigns boy I know this guy is legit he faced Cameron Grimes and it’s kinda tough to look at this guy if I’m being honest I feel uncomfortable I’m out of hair I just want to shave the guy I honestly want to shave the guy anyway it was of course a squash match hit his finisher won the match immediately after the match Killian Dana hits the ring and Grimes leaves then beats down mo and hits a moonsault and slams him on top of the announce table since when Killian Dane is that big of a deal in the WWE this did nothing to me honestly I don’t think it was that entertaining then we got the North American Championship like I’ve said this night had good wrestling a lotta good wrestling but then again like why am I supposed to care I just want stories honestly at this point there’s plenty of good wrestling going on everywhere of course we got a backbreaker followed by a stronghold for the win why submission the undisputed era celebrates with strong Cole gets on the macaron and says get it up for Scott he is good but he’s nowhere near the level of strong Cole says in NXT Aaron wants to see if they can beat the era and that’s why Finn Balor and Tommaso Champa return but he says their dream is unrealistic because the undisputed era will never be beaten the velvet team dream appears on the big screen and he basically said that he’s going to win the North American Championship and then he showed this picture of Roderick Strong basically to show that he’s losing the championship and there’s not a lot of stuff going on right here that Tomas would champ as music hits everyone got scared because this guy looks like a total badass he gets on the microphone and says daddy’s home so who’s facing Adam Cole for the championship Tommaso Champa orphan dollar after that I wanna see a triple threat match but I feel like that’s not happening at the end of the day Finn Balor was not even on NXT this week so I feel like first we’re getting Tomas with Chavo versus Adam Cole and then we’re gonna get Adam Cole versus Finn Balor I don’t see Tommaso champa winning the championship but he highlight the absolute highlight of the show was this right here so Tommaso chap was supposed to get in and this guy is not happy about that he wants a spotlight he said something in a different language Tomas with Champa Tomas with Champa hits him possibly knocks him out she was like What did he say and Tommaso was like I don’t know a total badass that’s what I want to see he’s a babyface but not necessarily you know he’s a good guy but he’s he never got the Kota K versus Bianca Bellaire I was kind of surprised that Bianca actually won the match I could be wrong but I feel like I just returned after the match Bianca gets on the microphone in takes issue with Ripley she says that she is going to be the one to defeat Chyna Baylor that’s another thing that NXT are doing right just because two people are in Aurora for the championship doesn’t mean that other people don’t want the championship – I like that it’s a bit more realistic and of course we got Walter versus kishida and that was obviously the match of the night very entertaining Walter is good my man looks like a British version of vladimir kozlov and you guys know how much I love LED Amir Kozlov my favorite wrestler of all time so of course I’m a big Walter guy but I felt like this should not be in the main event it didn’t feel significant enough it didn’t feel important enough there’s a little bit of a story I get that but definitely not for me Walter hits some slaps to the face then a big short arm lariat for the free count he wins the match imperium members come out to the stage to congratulate him and then William Regal announced that next week Tommaso Chapa has a match against the guy that he knocked out and that was your n.ex.t like I’ve said not a bad show just a night of good wrestling but if you’re like me who wants more stories wants more segments what’s more shocking moments basically chaos you probably didn’t like that show that much as well and you guys probably noticed I don’t know half the names I’m still learning about the product I never watch NXT that much but I’m already a fan like I would not want to miss NXT I’m just gonna be honest I feel like it doesn’t have that big show feel like aew does and maybe that’s the reason why people like aw more like it has more viewers I don’t know let’s be fair sometimes aw is going to have a better show sometimes NXT is going to have a better show that’s how it works so just take into consideration that this is just my opinion you don’t have to agree with it but thank you for watching this video I would give NXT probably six out of 10 because the matches were really good but like I’ve said I missed some promos thank you for watching and as always do it on peace love and hugs [Music]

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