AEW: Full Gear 2019 Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes Promo

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this video of brought to you by audible get a free audiobook today by clicking the link in the description below November 9th 2019 one of the biggest moments of the storied lineage of this business happens on November 9th in Baltimore the biggest match in aew history happens November 9th the phone gear Chris Jericho versus Cody knew that the clash generations [Music] [Applause] and if you take a deep dive on Chris’s storied career when you look at style and how he used to compete and how it stacks up to how he is now as a competitor they standing competed disparity it’s a real mark of how great the wrestler Christian has always been so in that have been enough myself coming off the two biggest wins of my career of entering the climb my career at the beginning of aw against the world champion that should have been enough I don’t like to go to bother the citizens of my customers [Music] we’ll see a lot of things but Chris did with his falafel and does he wanted to escalate the scenario he called my man [Music] you got the greatest of all time by facts and figures but it’s the greatest long time in his own head and don’t get me wrong everything Tony believes about himself is true he’s the best performer made up dis the most popular performer in aew I’m going to beat the hell away I’m gonna teach you entitled an ass lesson the greatest birthday present I could ever receive – I don’t like [Music] let’s cut the bells and whistles November 9th you’re not wrestling my dad you’re wrestling me and I’m the son of a [Music] [Music]

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