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what’s up everyone and welcome back to another one of jeebies reviews this time around we’re talking about a W dynomite it was awesome there’s so much to talk about it’s crazy because it was a two-hour show but let’s just jump right into it when kick things off with the young bucks versus private party and this was a matchup to determine who will advance in the aew Tag Team Championship Tournament the young bucks are the number one seed private party were the number eight seed and that is significant because we had our first upset and it happened in the first match of the tag team championship tournament private party defeat the young bucks in a fantastic matchup it was so much back and forth there the entire time for young bucks looking like the veterans in the matchup but they got caught off guard by the ambitious private party they think that this really speaks volumes to how much aew believes in private party this team is fantastic and I’m really curious to see where they go from here because there certainly is going to be a lot of questions moving on into the championship tournament for the tag team titles now that the young bucks have been eliminated and while all that was going on the question on everyone’s mind was what’s going on with Chris Jericho and this new stable well we got some answers Chris Jericho Sammy Guevara Santana and Ortiz and the debuting Jake Hager are known as the inner circle curious to see where this table goes because we learned more about the inner circle later on in the show apparently if you go on shop aew calm the stores crash because everyone’s trying to buy inner circle shirts so hey man a little bit of the bubbly for Chris Jericho because that man knows how to sell some t-shirts following that we had Darby Allen taking on Jimmy havoc and it was Darby picking up a critical win because that victory will make him the number one contender for the aew world championship he will be going up against Chris Jericho next week moving forward though we had our newly crowned aew women’s world champion Rijo teaming up with dr. Britt Baker DMD to take on the legend Emmy socrata and B Priestley and you know I think this is just a great storyline that’s going to happen you know what the I would say the midcard of the aew women’s division while Rijo I think should have picked up the win and this is probably one of the only criticisms that we’ll have here but apparently this led into Brit Baker going up against Rijo next week I think the flow wasn’t necessarily there and I’m looking for the aew women’s division to continue to build and continue to develop it’s certainly getting there little by little and with a two-hour show there’s not a lot that they can really fit in there because there’s already so much to dive into already as you can tell by how loaded this review has been so I think that they just got to continue to you know build upon these storylines and that’s one of the things that they really take advantage of on social media since aew does have a pretty strong social media presence now we move on to match that everyone was so hyped for it was Shawn Spears versus Jon Moxley making his aew dynamite in ring debut because technically he debuted last week when he put Kenny Omega through a glass table but more on that in a little bit great matchup through and through I do like that Jim Ross keeps harking on why isn’t you know the referee like ejecting Tully Blanchard when Tully blatantly interferes but then Tully got a little crafty when the referee wasn’t looking and then he started to get involved fizz the referees discretion as we’ve gone over time and time again it’s not like hard rules right but it will be nice to see some consistency so I did like that when Tully Blanchard did get involved the second time the referee was clearly looking away and then he threw Moxley into the steel steps great matchup Moxley picks up a huge win and then who comes out kenny omega with a barbed wire back and a barbed wire broom hand in hand and why you think man this is gonna be intense this is gonna be awesome who comes out from behind its pack from the commentary booth and this ties in to one of the reasons why I love this layered storytelling from aew because PAC was on the commentary for the jon moxley Shawn Spears matchup talking about why is it that he is not getting the opportunities even though he is to a no in aew he’s undefeated but I like that I like that they tie back in because people on social media were asking why is impact getting the opportunity why is it Jimmy havoc and Darby Allen instead of PAC now going back to when Kenny Omega came out with the barbed wire broom and the barbed wire bad you think to yourself well this is a prime opportunity for Jon Moxley to just pummel Kenny Omega with his bat laced with barbed wire but he didn’t because while he did attack him last time from behind remember that was revenge for what happened at fighter fest so again it’s like an eye for an eye if you will and now Moxley seeing Kenny Omega defenseless on the floor after getting hit with a chair from behind by PAC says no I’m not gonna let it go down like this and I love it because if this means we’re gonna get a hardcore match with Moxley and Omega at full gear I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my body I don’t know what I’m going to do with my hands moving forward though we take a look at our main event and that is going to be the aew world champion in the leader of the inner circle a Shump young of aew chris jericho teaming up with inner circle member Sammy give aura to take on the natural Dustin Rhodes and hangman Adam page now this is actually some great storytelling because if you checked out being the elite last week you can tell that there’s some you know frustration with the Bucks and Dustin toward Paige because they said white like Dustin goes him and says why were you out there I’m not even a part of the elite and I was out there and Paige was like I should have been out there I should have been out there remember Paige did lose against pack so he’s dealing with you know kind of a losing streak here he losses on the first episode of dynamite against pack and then he doesn’t go out to help his boys when they’re getting just destroyed by what is now known as the inner circle so they set up this tag team main event and I like that I like the fact that they tie in being the elite to what is going on with the current show the current product on dynamite as well as what’s going on on the ALW YouTube channel there’s just a lot of great storytelling here and I really like that granted it can be a little bit all over the place so I hope that what they do is moving forward they tie in some of these being the elite episodes into what’s going on in aw dynamite so that this way people can get some context because if you didn’t see being the elite then you wouldn’t really know why this was set up to begin with so little things like that but again that all comes with time this was a great matchup though Chris Jericho basically being that pain in the ass that we all love him for Sammy Guevara doing whatever he needs to do to get the wind to impress the boss and then he got Dustin the natural I tweeted about this demands he’s just fine wine he only gets better it’s incredible how this guy can at his age continue to just do things that I can’t do and I’m 31 just Dustin Rhodes I bow before you you are incredible this ends with a big win and a pickup there for the inner circle Chris Jericho getting the Judas affect to end that match I believe he got it on Dustin Rhodes but this came after interference from Jake Hager who was out there as an insurance policy while all this was going on after the match ended you had them beaten up on everyone then the lights go out and then in comes Cody the American nightmare center of the Ring I love that and he’s ready he’s game he’s looking for a fight and so much happens mjf comes out and in a moment while I was like is MJ ever gonna turn on Cody they’ve been teasing this for such a long time now and he does it they position Cody for mjf to hit him with the chair and instead mjf goes after the rest of the inner circle then Santana and Ortiz came out and they looked to level the playing field a little bit more toward the side of inner circle and then the young bucks came out so again you see where I’m going here this thing was just stacked could it have been maybe overbook potentially but there’s just so much going on that you gotta hook people for next week income the young bucks they start a superkick party people are falling all over the place there’s just craziness here right when you think everything’s gonna settle down Chris Jericho comes in he starts running his mouth the elite there they’re looking at him they’re pissed off and then who comes from out of nowhere Darby freakin Allen on a skateboard hits Chris Jericho and plants himself right center of the ring and sets you up for nests next week’s episode of aew dynamite where Darby Allen will take on Chris Jericho for the aew World Championship there was a lot of stuff going on but gosh darn it did I love every single moment of it it gave you hard-hitting wrestling it gave you storylines a new stable there’s just so much that is at stake here that next week’s episode of dynamite is just gonna be incredible and I’m pumped because hopefully I’ll be going to Philadelphia to watch it there myself in which case that means I’ll be doing the review on my phone but you know we’ll figure that out next week now I want to hear what you guys have to say let me know tweet at me you can also hit me up on Instagram and if you think I should be putting these on YouTube tweet at me let me know I’m down to put them on YouTube thank you guys so much for watching oh this has been another installment of jeebies reviews aew dynamite gets a good old fashioned Simon Miller up and we’ll see you for Friday Night SmackDown

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