AEW DYNAMITE AND WWE NXT 10/9/19 Full Show Results, Review, and Highlights

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greetings to everyone out there in the no DQ galaxy welcome to the no DQ recap of aew dynamite and NXT week – I watched both shows I’m back here in Michigan it’s been a long week for sure we had the big Friday Night Smackdown premiere on Fox we had hell in the cell lots of wrestling content we also had the debut of NWA power on Tuesday night I did check out a little bit of that good stuff nice 80s throwback feels like straight out of the 1980s definitely worth checking out at least the first episode it might not be your cup of tea but then again maybe you find it different maybe you find it unique I think it’s a nice change of pace so check it out over on the NWA YouTube channel alright so let’s get started with week 2 aew vs. NXT the Wednesday night war a e w kicked off with the first round match in the tag team tournament to crown the first aew Tag Team Champions we had the young bucks versus the private party AE W was making a really big deal about how the young bucks were the favorites to win the young bucks with the number one seed and Jim Ross Excalibur Tony Shivani they brought up how private party they are if anything the the least-known team going into the mat so the favorites against the underdogs that was the story of this match private party held their own against the young bucks really fun match to kick-off the show and we had a surprise here we had the private party pick up the surprise victory over the young bucks so for those of you that are saying that a e.w is all about pushing the guys that started the company that is not the case here the young bucks put over the private party and they are out of the tournament big shocker to kick off the show I enjoyed it a lot I liked the surprise victory the young really don’t need it let’s face it they’re over the young bucks are over with the aew audience they don’t need the wind private party needed it and now the young bucks can say hey we’re not putting ourselves over here we’re putting over the other talent so I like it a lot really strong start to the show as oh gee crushes puts in the chat room private party got a major rub Brittany says private party are amazing glad that Bucky boys put him over Cindy says I’m glad the Bucks lost don’t want to see another Bucks versus lucha brothers match so there you go looks like aew made the right decision here to have the private party go over and build them up we had a little video package shown before the match just to set things up and show how the young Bucks were the ones that recruited the private party by the way a private party came from the house of glory promotion and interestingly enough master P who some of you might remember as a celebrity that appeared on WCW television it did not go over very well but master P is apparently running House of glory now so interesting turn of events to have master P in the wrestling business again that’s something I would have never predicted for 2019 that’s for damn sure and Cindy says in the chat room let’s get the party started next up we had Chris Jericho come out for his promo to introduce his new faction the name of the faction is the inner circle Jericho took time to put over everybody in the group I thought that Jericho did a great job here trying to get us to care about the other guys Jake Hager was there just standing there looking like a monster Sammy Guevara the young cocky upstart Chris Jericho put him over and of course you have Ortiz and Santana formerly known as LAX Jericho talked about them being back-alley streetfighters and talked about how all these guys made his list this is the new list to Jericho but not the elite the inner circle what do you guys think about the name the inner circle so it’s kind of like the same thing as the elite you know it’s a few people that you keep close to you and they’re the special ones they’re the ones that you see something in medium one software says what happened to me last night just a very busy day I flew back from Los Angeles and I dealt with some flight delays I figured it was gonna be a long shot to do the livestream last night and then the delay pretty much killed that dead the idea of even trying to do a livestream last night but I I did catch aew on the flight back and then this morning I watched NXT so I figured you know what get to watch both shows I could do the live stream now and cover both shows and give my thoughts on both of them because have I done the the stream last night I would have only been able to have covered aew so I will talk about both shows so anyways going back to the promo Jericho even said viva la raza when he was talking about Santino or Santina and Ortiz excuse me and the fans started doing an Eddie Guerrero chant and then when Jericho was talking about talking about Jake Hager the crowd did a we the people chant and then Chris Jericho proceeded to just kill this chant dead by saying the chants sucks it’s dead and buried it was a stupid idea from bad creative and that’s all gone what was funny about this is that the crowd was chanting we the people but then when Jericho said all this they’re like yeah Jericho’s right and they erupt in this big pop and I’m like you guys were chanting we the people so you must have enjoyed it but now you think it’s stupid okay and also another funny thing about this is the fact that Jake Hager has been using that chant in MMA but anyways I get Jericho’s doing here trying to kill the chant dad you know you don’t want him being associated with WWE so I get it I get erasing that chant moving on to bigger and better things I know this might be an unpopular thing to say maybe not but I thought that this was and this is a spoiler alert I I thought that this promo was better than anything on the NXT show but NXT was really solid and we will get to NXT here in a few minutes but to me this promo really stood out and this is something I’ll remember a week from now so you guys got to keep this in mind when I’m reviewing these shows I’m trying not to be negative but at the same time I am trying to be critical and when I look at these shows I look at what am I going to remember six months from now what am I going to remember a week from now I will remember this Jericho promo for a while so to me that makes it stand out and and that’s a positive Robert Cline with a $5 super chat says do you think it’s concerning that aew is having issues selling out these smaller arenas well officially aew sold out the show and by the way Robert Klein is the brand-new reigning and defending no DQ super chat champion $5 super chat will get you the championship I believe Colin Andrew won earlier on Stefan’s livestream what’s NXT so if you guys don’t like my review of NXT later you can you can go check out Stefan and Jerry’s review aew did technically sell out the show now there were some empty seats and I did post a picture on no DQ’s Twitter account I think it was the same scenario as the first show where scalpers scooped up a lot of the tickets and then had trouble selling them we’ll have to see I mean aew has not sold out a lot of the upcoming shows but one thing that they did do on this show that obviously if I was running a business I would do they they did a really good job of promoting the upcoming events they they promoted the pay-per-view they promoted the Nashville show they promoted a number of upcoming aew shows throughout the broadcast and I don’t think there’s any need to panic right now obviously aew is a new brand and they have to establish themselves spread word-of-mouth build their audience and they do that they build their characters they build their storylines in time they’re going to be they’re going to be able to sell in those other cities in those smaller markets so I don’t think it’s too much cause for concern just yet now six months from now if a e.w is struggling to fill these smaller venues then that could be a bad sign that they’re not going to be able to sustain their business model so we will see Tony H with the $2 super Chad says this week ae W was better Jericho is amazing well I definitely agree with you about Jericho I mean Jericho is in my opinion he is like the star player in aew right now and I definitely feel he was the right guy to put the title on first you need to build up other stars before you can have them go over Jericho and be the champion and carry the company and by the way Jericho also said talking about the pay-per-view he said he is going to beat the ever-loving out of Cody Rhodes and yes he did say and it was uncensored I guess after a certain time on cable television you can get away with saying and I know South Park has for a while they’ll just drop s bombs all over the place so yeah it’s pretty cool to have a little bit of profanity and a little bit of the bubbly on aew next up we had a number one contender’s match jimmy habit jimmy excuse me let me try that again easy for me to say jimmy havoc versus darby allen by the way Jim Ross was stuttering a little bit on commentary I still think Jim Ross is great and even Jim Ross past his prime is still better than the Raw and Smackdown announcers I’ll just say that but jr. I noticed on this show that jr. was having a little bit of trouble keeping up like everything was moving at a very fast pace and I think jr. was struggling a little bit to keep up but again even Jim Ross past his prime is still amazing and I still think jr. really adds to the show let me take a sip of water here so Jimmy Havok came out for his match they had a little pre-taped promo as he was coming out good stuff here I like both guys I think both guys have cool characters and both have a lot of potential to be major stars in aew obviously it looks like Allan is gonna be the one getting the initial push he picked up the victory here over over havoc and he will be facing Chris Jericho for the championship next week and he actually hit he actually hit the coffin drop successfully this time like the thing about Allan so far is like to me the first thing I think of when I think of Darby Allan is those those missed coffin drops where he practically killed himself but he actually hit one here and yeah I like him getting the push and we did see him one more time later on so I’ll talk about that later he will be facing Jericho for the championship next week I don’t expect him to win I would say that that’s highly unlikely in all likelihood but we’ll see what Jericho can do with him if Jericho can help elevate Allan to the next level moving on here we had a tag-team match be it price Lee and sakara I I’m bad at pronouncing these names so I do apologize versus Rijo and dr. Brit Baker Saqqara Excalibur tried to explain her background how she’s won championships in Japan and she’s trained some of the young up and comers what is her gimmick like her gimmick is Freddie Mercury cosplayer her akashi de could do a mixed tag team you can have the Back to the Future cosplayer the marty mcfly cosplayer and the Freddie Mercury cosplayer I don’t know I’m not sure what what the marketability is with them doing cosplay gimmicks but hey I mean apparently they they’ve had a lot of success so what do I know so this was an all right match I didn’t I didn’t think it was anything spectacular Rijo and Britt picked up the victory and next week they’re gonna be facing off against each other Cyndi’s like she’s a huge Queen fan so yeah I guess that’s her gimmick that she’s a she’s a queen fangirl I don’t know I don’t get it I guess that maybe that’s a thing in Japan part of the culture but yeah I’m not really a big fan of the wrestlers and their gimmicks being cosplays I don’t know just not my thing not my cup of tea so after the match there was a little bit of a confrontation be a prep price Li got in the ring confronting Britt Baker and that riho or yeah Rijo was trying to break them up and keep them apart so we’re getting some storyline development here which is good we had the best friends a little video package from them and then they were interviewed in the front row and then orange Cassidy made a little appearance so again good stuff trying to establish the characters and why not we had Shawn Spears versus Jon Moxley for those of you that haven’t been following aw it’s Dean Ambrose versus ty Dillinger it’s funny because a year ago if we saw this on double W e television we’d be like yeah this is boring this is just some throwaway match but now everybody’s excited about it and you know it’s good because both guys are a lot more motivated now so that definitely makes a difference Eddie 0:01 says Aaron I definitely agree with you what aew what you said about aew needing Jim Johnston their music is media yeah I mean again watching this show if I had to criticize something it would definitely be the music there are a few that stand out to me I like Kody’s theme I like Jericho’s theme obviously it’s his song I do like omegas theme but a lot of them to me are not that good Shawn Spears not a fan of his music moxley’s is okay Dustin Rhodes his music is ok you know it’s fine it’s a generic rock tomb but it’s alright could be better though there is definitely room for growth when it comes to the entrance themes and to me it’s a no-brainer to ha to hire Jim Johnston but he’s working with Ring of Honor I don’t know if he’s gonna end up in a he W or not but only time will tell so we had we had totally or yeah totally blanchard there at ringside and Shawn Spears his corner Moxley picked up the wind with the I still can’t pronounce it the dirty deeds I’m just gonna call it the dirty deeds because it’s easier for me to pronounce but you guys know what it’s called the paradigm shift whatever moxie won the match and we had we had POC or PAC I still don’t know I still don’t know if it’s pack or POC I know Jim Ross was once again saying pack and pack was there on commentary and I don’t know if he corrected them or not I don’t think he did I like the way he pronounces X calibers name Excalibur III enjoy I enjoy Park on commentary I definitely think he should do it more often booth Monroe says it’s packed like pac-man but I thought it was parked like xpac I don’t know I still think he needs a name change I’m just gonna call him the bastard I’m just gonna go with my own names here he’s the bastard and Dean Ambrose’s move is the dirty deed so if you don’t like it too bad so after the match we had Kenny Omega show up he had a barbed wire baseball bat and a barbed wire broom broom excuse me guys I’m still dealing with a little bit of a cold here and I lost my voice on on Monday night Kenny Omega had the broom and you had their confrontation on the stage and then on the Sun POC or pack attacked Omega from behind Moxie had an opportunity to take out Omega with the baseball back but I guess and a little bit of show respect did not go after him any further and walked away and that was that I think Omega should have not been on this show after taking that that paradigm shift or dirty deeds through the glass table last week I would have been fine with Omega not being on this show to sell to sell that attack now I know he did do a match after the show which which will air on the aew dark youtube series next week but I would have kept Omega off of the show but that’s just me personally I would like to see guys sell these big moves a little bit more just just my own opinion a little bit of nitpicking here and then we had the main event which was Dustin Rhodes and hangman Page against Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho a really good match here I enjoyed it a lot the announcers were talking about how hangman page is resembling a young Barry Windham and Jim Ross was bringing up how Dustin Rhodes could help mentor a hangman page I liked it you had the veteran young guy versus veteran young guy nice dynamic here and good stuff we had Jake Hagar out there at ringside and he interfered in the match and ultimately he was the difference-maker in the match he got involved when the referee wasn’t looking and then Jericho hit the Judas effect too Dustin and I like Dustin’s selling at him spit out when he got hit with the the Judas effect good stuff here Jericho and Sammy pick up the victory and then we had the the three on to beat down and that we had hangman page and I’m blanking out here I apologize guys hangman page who was the other guy somebody help me here I need to check my notes here it was did this segment was a little bit chaotic we had tons of people running in mjf came out made the save when when they were outnumbered and then we had the lights go out Cody came out young bucks came out there was just pure chaos tons of people running down and I’m I’m forgetting who who hangman page was fighting with when they when that post match beatdown was happening Tony H with the $2 super Chad says I really hate the MJ F face face pop tonight stay heel yeah that’s that’s confusing to me I guess he’s a tweener right now I’m not really sure he came out acted like he was gonna help the inner circle but then he started attacking attacking them Curtis Butler’s like have your notes with you well I was actually unable to take notes on the plane so that that’s part of the problem here too I wrote a few things down but yeah I’m just blanking on that one part but basically we had this huge brawl with everybody coming out the elite stood tall and then Jericho got on the mic and cut a promo on Darby Allen oh by the way okay so I forgot about that part Darby Allen came out on the skateboard and attacked Jericho that was pretty cool I like that and then after the match Jericho cut the promo on them said he’ll see him next week and called him a bitch and then also brought out Cody Rhodes in the aew full gear pay-per-view and that was the end and it again it felt like last week a lot of chaos a lot of things happening very fun to watch at times you know a little bit confusing what’s going on and who’s the baby-faced who’s the heel just one guy running down after another but really fun way to end the show I enjoyed it overall radical velocity said this closing segment was fantastic it was it was definitely fun to watch I agree on that so that was a e-w dynamite let’s move on here over to the NXT show which was a little bit a little less chaotic more of the formula from NXT I don’t know if Triple H is really concerned about the numbers at this point this show felt like what they would have done whether aew existent or not they’re just gonna do their thing and it is what is the numbers are gonna be what they’re going to be that that’s what I felt about this NXT show so we kicked it off with Lea rush versus true GU lock Leo got a pretty hot hot start true then slowed the pace down but then rush made a comeback now that particularly long match I think it went one commercial break and then rush hit that that little springboard into the Stone Cold Stunner which I really like and then hit the big frog splash the final hour off the top to win the NXT cruiserweight championship so I guess it’s now the NXT cruiserweight title no more 205 live which I know that that’s gonna make Noah foster very unhappy but I mean I think it was inevitable with NXT going to ours Wolfman rules for the $10 super chat says 27 time champion aew is killing it thoughts on Jericho acknowledging any on his birthday also should aw have a secondary title and if so what to call it keep up the great work hashtag buy a shirt well thank you very much for that movement rules I do appreciate it and congratulations on being the new reigning and defending no DQ super chat champion of the world will say you win it via the Eddie Guerrero frog splash and honor of Eddie who’s 52nd birthday was yesterday so I didn’t enjoy this match and I like Lea rush picking up the cruiserweight title it’s a new era for the cruiserweight championship so new era new champion makes sense to me good stuff here next up we had Raya Ripley from NXT UK vs. alia pretty much just one of those NXT showcase matches it looks like NXT is going to be building up RIA as the next challenger for Shayna Baszler and maybe she’ll be the one I mean she definitely has a very intimidating look which I think will go up well against Shayna Baszler I think she could she could pick up a few more wins here to build up some momentum and then do that match at the next takeover a pay-per-view I mean that definitely seems to be the direction pretty much a glorified squash match not not a whole lot to say about it but good stuff nonetheless – to build up Bria as the next challenger she did cut a promo after the match basically she said she’s coming for Shayna and that was that we had double w/e show a little bit of a preview for the upcoming press conference on Friday with Brock Lesnar Cain Velasquez braun strowman Tyson Fury all that stuff we had breeze Ango and they they have been repackaged no more that now they now they’re men at work you know they’re coming out with the helmets and the the work year you know those construction workers on the freeway I guess that’s their new gimmick they’re supposed to be sexy like that I don’t know to me there’s still breeze on go don’t really have that much investment in the act at this point Tyler breeze like he should’ve cut his hair cuz like he doesn’t he looks like a generic CAW character now to me so I mean I I’m not really blown away by their act I know people feel that they should have been pushed stronger but they just don’t stand out to me at this point they were supposed to face the team of ever eyes but then the Forgotten sons came out and had ever rised laid out and just laid them out on the stage and then they came in and decided to have the match with Brazil go instead and I hate to say this too but forgotten sons don’t really stand out to me either I mean Gunnar never really stood out to me in TNA slash Impact Wrestling again they look like your generic CAW characters where you know you’re gonna give them the long hair and the beard and make them look tough they to me they just don’t have enough of an unique look as far as I’m concerned match was fine now you know the wrestling is always good but I’m also looking at other aspects of the show like the character development and just something that’s gonna stand out to me and to me that this match didn’t really stand out I didn’t expect free Xango to win I think they’re basically enhancement guys at this point and forgotten sons did pick up the victory with their double team move the memory remains we had a video package hyping up next week’s match between Keith Lee and Dominic the job Kovach can’t even pronounce his name either I’m just gonna call Dominic D from now on I like that better anyways Dominic D think that has a little bit more marketability to it we had Cameron Cameron Grimes vs boa who is from China and this was this was basically you know a nothing match you had right when the match started you had Killian Dane walking to the ring Cameron Grimes pointed it out and Bowa looked at at Dean and then he turned around and Grimes immediately hit the double knees and pinned him in like five seconds and that was that Brittany says Rick Grimes with the big stop yeah I mean I don’t like the name Cameron Grimes either I really think they need to come up with better names like when I think of Cameron Grimes I think of Rick Grimes so I don’t know and and Rick Grimes is a far more interesting character I mean they basically took Trevor Lee put a cowboy hat on him I think they need to do a little bit more than that as far as character character development goes her kayfabe candy-ass says Frank Grimes well good old grimy nice nice reference there so after the match we had Killian Dane get in the ring and he he beat the crap out of poor Bowa and laid him out and said that this is just the beginning so there you go we got a Damien Priest promo and he talked about why he attacked Pete Dunn last week he said that he wants attention and that’s why he he did the attack on Pete Dunn now I’m confused here did he attack Pete Dunn a couple weeks ago or was it last week I could have sworn it was last week but I think he said a couple weeks ago so I’m a little confused by that and he said that his name will live on forever at the expense of done gary says it was last week I thought it was last week but why did he say a few weeks ago hmm maybe yeah maybe they screwed up and recorded that promo a few weeks ago and something went at a sequence I don’t know maybe maybe this promo was supposed to air next week and they they just messed up I don’t know that was a little confusing we had Roderick Strong versus a SIA swerve Scott I’m not sure if his swerve nickname is a reference to Vince Russo or not good match but again more of a showcase for Roderick Strong Scott did have his moments in the match undisputed Eric came out and they provided a little bit of a distraction I mean they were basically cheering on strong but Scott did get distracted by them and then strong picked up the victory over the very games Scott and after the match the undisputed era had their big celebration Adam Cole kind of promo talking about finn balor coming back and undisputed era coming back velvetine dream interrupted them and said that strong will defend the north america championship against him in two weeks and then tomasa Champa came out and took a gotten the ring ran off the undisputed era and just said Goldie daddy’s home so looks like we’re gonna get Champa and call at some point not sure if it’s gonna be at the next takeover or not not sure where finn bálor stands in all this you would think Balor would be on the takeover pay-per-view if you’re gonna you’re gonna do the big match but yeah I’m curious to see which one they do first if they’re gonna do choppa versus Cole first or they’re gonna do Balor versus Cole first I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens yeah Balor was not on this show they just did a little video package on Balor showed him beating Roman reigns in 2016 and winning the universal title and all that stuff so yeah that was all that that was all we got from Balor on this show and then we had Dakota Kai versus Bianca Bianca bel-air they showed a little bit of footage of Dakota Kai in and her whole comeback and all that pretty solid match here between the two of them but then Bianca bel-air picked up the win with the kod so it looks like she’s getting the push right now after the match she cut her promo and said that if Ripley wants to face Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Championship she’s gonna have to go through her first then we had another video package for Keithley vs. Dominic Dee and then we had the main event which was Walter versus kakushita like I mentioned earlier kushina’s gimmick he’s uh he’s a marty mcfly cosplayer match was really good really solid main event here you’re a pretty standard big man versus little man match lots of submissions between the two of them fairly lengthy match and again NXT had this overrun going into the third hour about a ten minute overrun Walter did end up picking the victory crowd was chanting this is awesome he hit the powerbomb which so again when what really saw the thing about NXT that I liked is that even an even in a losing effort the person who loses still looks strong Walter did hit the power bomb on Kishida and Kishida kicked out from it and people were shocked by it so it made Kushina look really good that he could take a powerbomb like that from Walter and still kick out but ultimately Walter did pick up the win with the ripcord lariat and then after the match you had all of Imperium come out and they all celebrated and then we had the matches hyped up for next week I think overall aew had a stronger ending with everybody coming out and Jericho doing his promo so yeah both shows solid again I think that NXT though was a little bit more forgettable I honestly don’t think I’m gonna remember much of NXT a week from now as compared to aew I feel like it was a little bit better I think Jericho Jericho obviously with the star power he elevates the show just just on his name alone and his promo work so I have to give the edge to aew again I think overall watching both shows in its entirety to me AAW is is more of like a throwback to the 90s too raw versus nitro aew feels like more of a cannot miss show NXT feels like a show where if you want to watch some good wrestling you could just tune on NXT whenever you can watch it on Thursday Friday Saturday whenever a e/w feels like the show you need to watch live like it has that anything can happen feel to it and that that late 90s feel it’s interesting because and waa is trying to bring in those eighties fans and have the throwback to the 80s NWA and aew was trying to do the Monday Night war era raw and nitro in particular trying to trying to give that feel with with the aw dynamite shows and then NXT is just trying to do you know what they’ve been doing for the past several years I don’t feel like Triple H was in panic mode with this show any NXT was more of just the regular show again if aew was not on this is what NXT would be putting out so there they’re just doing their own thing I’m curious to see what the numbers are we should have the numbers out in a couple hours but I do have to give the edge to aew so this this might be a little controversial but I I think NXT was a c-plus it was it was a pretty average show and I think Leo rush winning the cruiserweight title was the most memorable thing on this show so that that bumps it up a little bit for me take out Leo rush winning the cruiserweight title and it was an average show so hence the C+ I give a e-w I give a aw a b-minus I think they’re doing a pretty good job overall there’s still some kinks they need to work out but I think it was a pretty solid show overall so be – for aew C+ for NXT I know it’s a little harsh but they’re competing for our viewership so you got to put out the best show you got to have the best creativity and you got to go all out every single week if you want those viewers so you know I’m gonna be a little harsh on these shows and I’m keeping in mind that what am I going to remember a week from now what what’s gonna what’s gonna build up the storylines and keep people invested so overall I give the slight edge to aew radical velocity gives aew and a – NXT is see Dale camp Bell gives AAW ABI and NXT a C+ k-fed candy-ass gives AAW a B+ and NXT a see he says last week both were b-plus michael wayne gives AAW a b- and nxc abhi – so he’s he’s given them a tie Cindy gives a aw of B plus and NXT a B – well there you go Cindy goes with aew / NXT Alex Bonin gives a aw at B plus C C trinkets aew of being – and NXT of B – so some people gogo and equal with both shows but I I would give the edge to aew this week we’ll see what happens William watch says love them both NXT really needs to get out of Full Sail it’s hurting them that’s a very solid point again like last week watching this a aew feels like a big league show you know it wasn’t the the MCI Center or whatever it’s called now in Washington DC but they still had you know six thousand fans they’re red hot and the NXT fans are hot too but you know with the the dark lighting and NXT in the little studio aew feels like a bigger show and they have the the production value I’m impressed with their production values so far I mean NXT is is great production wise but I think it’s a little too perfect a little too neat and crisp if you know what I mean like for instance when Velveteen Dream interrupted Adam Cole like the lighting is perfect the timing is perfect of everything it’s just too well polished and it just comes off as too choreographed again I’m nitpicking I’m just looking at things and when I’m comparing the two shows which show do I find more appealing I find aew more appealing just because yeah they make little production mistakes Jim Ross was stuttering a little bit but it just feels more natural of a show to watch and and overall more exciting so yeah right now I think AAW has the upper hand over NXT so that’s my thoughts on week two thank you guys for watching I appreciate your viewership and support stay tuned to know decom for the very latest there may be another issue with doing a live stream on Friday so I may have to do one on Saturday morning for Smackdown in the draft but stay tuned to no DQ calm for all the very latest I appreciate your guys’s viewership and support and stay tuned for the latest take care guys see you next time

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