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we got a lot to get into the Wednesday night Wars officially begins today aw and NXT going head-to-head TNT USA obviously tomorrow afternoon we’ll get the ratings for these two shows I’m sure everybody’s going to be painfully analyzing is that the best way to put it I don’t know I mean I think that everyone kind of knows that it’s it’s interesting but next week is actually a lot more important than this week because it’ll determine direction and really you know a couple months from now it’s probably really more important than than that but I mean it’s something I mean it’s it’s there’s definitely gonna be some people very unhappy tomorrow so that’s true there’s gonna be some people very surprised tomorrow I don’t know who they are I bet I got a pretty good idea I woke up this morning it was weird I just woke up this morning and it was like heat up he’s gonna kill him and I mean I I had been saying the opposite all week and I just woke up and I don’t know if it was because I watched that preview show on Tuesday night and I don’t think it was I just woke up and it was just like I had this thing and it’s just like he’d up he’s gonna kill him tonight I mean I’m not saying they had a better show I’m just saying in the ratings and everything that happened all day long just made me think that it’s gonna happen and every evidence that I have at this point is that you know I mean there’s we got I got PlayStation view numbers and granted this is a very small sample group and perhaps by the nature of the sample group it’s gonna skew towards aw and it did but aw did have over triple the viewers on PlayStation view than NXT and actually was the third highest or most watched show all day all night on television on PlayStation for you but that’s a very small so it’s like like whatever so I don’t know enough about PlayStation View who does that cater to don’t people have cut the cord okay you don’t have to have a Playstation because I had it for a while yeah but no know what I don’t know what their numbers are yeah I mean it’s not big numbers or anything like that but I did get the numbers and we did exceptionally well and then Google Trends one was it’s it’s listed at a hundred thousand and I’ve figured it out that it’s actually a hundred and forty and the other one is just under 20 so it’s pretty substantial but that’s that’s good to measure pay-per-views it’s not nearly as good to measure television ratings so if these two shows one pay-per-view I could say without a shadow of a doubt that that aw would have killed them on pay-per-view by a wide margin that doesn’t mean that they’ll beat them in TV ratings the TV ratings are very much subject to the bass audience of the station and things like that and age I mean um NXT does have a big advantage there being on the familiar station two wrestling fans and being promoted by WWE I think one of the things that I saw was a lot of commercials all day long all day long on TBS and TNT and you know including on some you know pretty widely watch shows so for all the stuff I mean granted they did not do the job close to what Fox has done and Fox is going to be the biggest number of the week by far I don’t think that’s even a question but you know they did they did do a hell of a job I think that the awareness was high I I mean I said this even before I saw the rating then when I saw the rating for last night’s show then it was kind of like they’re not doing I mean I could this could be really stupid but I can’t see them doing less than 1.2 million for yours not not if you do over 6 for the the preview show because the Smackdown preview show which is was a similar thing did 1.3 million so they did half of what Smackdown did roughly and I would have never thought that you know because again one smackdowns on Fox much bigger outlet you know I mean and it and it smacked down it’s not aw you know it’s like it’s one thing for you know so I mean for what it’s worth the Google numbers for the aw show were about 70 percent well I mean it was actually higher than raw as far as total but as far as if you’re looking at like when Flair and Hogan were on which was the peak of Raw and when you know and and this it was about seventy percent of one but but again that doesn’t mean that the ratings gonna be seventy percent it’s just it’s just it’s a sample of something else you know although Flair and Hogan was a big deal flair and Hogan by the way just absolutely carried that raw rating it was the biggest jump you know I always talk about how God you know nobody changes the numbers maybe they’ll go up you know like a point you know I mean so a couple point or maybe they’ll go down a point or even down to two percentage points you know for something that people don’t want to see but essentially it’s a pretty flat you don’t have any stars well Flair and Hogan or big stars that’s the one thing that Monday proved because they gained over or I think was like as well over a half a million viewers tuned in and then tuned out for the flare and Hogan segment with them is maybe it misses a big star and I’m just missing but I think I’m gonna say it so I think there’s pretty good evidence that Miz has not moved the numbers 500,000 each way on a regular basis so on no in fact nobody has there has not been anyone who’s done that in months you know including Steve Austin so whatever was that segment I don’t know you know again it’s a nostalgia segment nostalgia always works once if you brought Flair and Hogan back week after week you know it’s not gonna work you know I mean obviously the Brock on Friday it’s gonna move numbers way more than that although though watch them go and open the show with the rock and then everyone Tunes out you know no one did that with Austin once remember last time Austin was on that that turned out to be a not this not the best move ever made but the aw show first cuz we got a lot to get into years well we should really talk about like the big picture I mean don’t I’m not really yes what do you think of the aw show that’s the big story today we not seen it yet we’ve seen NXT what did you think of aw well this is my thoughts you know after watching both shows it was kind of like a cup of comparison I thought that that NXT had the better wrestling I thought that aw to an average person had to blow the NXT away as far as the look I mean it was it was we kind of knew going in you know you’re gonna have I mean I’ve seen the AAW pay-per-view so I know what they look like and I was basically told it’s gonna look like a pay-per-view show and it looked exactly like a pay-per-view show and I’ve seen NXT for years and years and years from Full Sail and it looked like NXT in full sail and and I mean as far as like the crowds were awesome both both both companies had awesome crowds but I thought that you know just to look because of the bigger arena that NXT looked like a hot sure I mean aw look like a hot show XD look like a hot I mean look like a hot underground product it was like pwg on television is what I would I kind of felt watching NXT but not nearly as well paced and I thought that atw looked like you know nitro with with without the shitty booking and without the stars didn’t know how to work you know ruining the show and without the promos both sides did not do it’s really interesting to me because to me a wrestling show should be a combination of a lot of things you know which includes matches promos hype for next week and destination among other things angles and things like that too but angles that’s all that’s all tied in but I mean as far as like you you want a destination you know which is like your pay-per-view show or your big show cuz that’s to me what always killed lucha underground was there was no destination it’s just like you did stuff and you did angles but there was like no big show you know I think you need the big show it’s part of the soap opera I think you know obviously the angles are part of in the angles lead to the destination you also have to bring people back to next week’s show I did not think that aw did a great job on I you know when it was over it’s like okay this show was really good know what’s next week and I don’t know what next week is other than the young bucks against private party and the reality is there was nothing on the show that led me to be all hyped about young bucks in private party because private party got kicked out of ringside and that’s all we saw on the young bucks got beat in their match so for NXT you know they announced dragula can Leo rush and did absolutely nothing to hype it so that did nothing for me you know I mean it’s probably a good match but they did nothing and Walter and cushy too which if you watch the WWE Network you know you saw the angle for it and everything like that but there was nothing on this show other than hey next week we’re gonna have Walter and kishida and if you don’t know who those guys are if you’re an executor viewer you know they are if you’re a casual person you don’t know who either is so I don’t know that they did a great job of that either I you know there was you know the the NXT next big show which is in November in Chicago I mean they dint do anything tonight that but it’s late November at this time and the aw is early November so there’s also time I mean they they had a couple of pay-per-view commercials they just mentioned you know the two big matches which were you know Jericho and you know Jericho and Cody and Omega and Moxley and and they did a good job of building both up I mean they had two angles with Jericho and and and Cody that were both good and one with omegan and Moxley which ended with omega getting his head put through a glass table so yeah you know breaking in your house by the way no I just got a dog that’s not that won’t be quiet but he’s outside there’s like absolutely nothing I can do about him I mean I guess I could I could I can’t no I was gonna make a joke that would probably let’s not hear that no no people people aren’t good with comedy sometimes so we’re just going to deal with it alright well there’s aw show they had a I mean Emily do you think what did you think what did you think would you think that your shows I mean it’s like we can run through the matches but I think people want to know what what’s the thoughts like you know what you think what was good what was well I want to run through all that as I review the shows but overall I agree that NXT had the better wrestling aw was a much better show and it’s he needs to get out a full sail which I’ve been saying for months now III think that that I think if anything that was really obvious in fact it was funny it was 72 minutes was the first tweet which I know you got it too from someone in double w/e who basically said we got to get out of this building cuz I was wait and I go like who is gonna be the first guy from WWE to figure this out and say that to me so it was 72 minutes I’m flabbergasted that nobody figured this out before this thing even started well they didn’t ok ok no no this is we to be fair you got to remember a lot of things and number one is it’s like this was not a long no matter what they try to tell you and you know this this was not this long you know planned out thing you know it was they announced it and then a couple of days later they announced dates at full sail all the way through the end of the you because they didn’t have time to because with travel and with booking buildings and all that stuff they had literally no time to start putting in a schedule there was – it was too hard I I can’t believe they can’t have a building booked by November its October 3rd you can’t book a bill you could wear by November and like get everybody there come on you could you could you could you could but that was not the they did not have the time to do that every week and this was just a there’s a stopgap measure it’s like the only thing that we can do you know you got it’s like every Wednesday and these guys you know a lot of them you know it’s like what if they have tours somewhere then you’ve got to get a Wednesday building in that area it’s all I know is if this show in a couple of weeks is doing like 900,000 and aw is doing 2.2 million they’ll be there they’ll be out of that building well they’re gonna be out of that building I I think unless they’re winning unless they’re winning the race by sizeable March and they’ll be out of that building in 2020 because they have to be because because the first thing Vince is gonna say and no matter but it still Vince’s Vince’s call at the end of the day that Vince watches the two shows if he’s losing he’s not going to admit that the other show is better and I’m not even saying that it is but Vince will never even if it is even if a W has the better show weekend and week out Vince will never admit that but we will come to the conclusion or someone will come to the conclusion form go we’ve got the better show but we’re losing because there are nicer buildings and then they’ll be in nicer buildings or they’ll attempt but that becomes real tricky too because if you go to buildings then you got to be able to draw because you know NXT on the road they’re not drawn that good right now I mean so it’s like an AW is not going to be doing 14,000 people you know every week either you know I mean this was a very unique thing and they’re gonna be in buildings where you know they’re gonna be in buildings were you know it’s gonna be like double W Smackdown and and raw you know where you you know you have 3,000 or 6,000 people in NBA arenas and you’re gonna you know that’s that’s what that’s that’s the reality of modern wrestling that’s just what it is and if that’s and and NXT which is not drawing nearly as well you know they’re gonna be lucky if they can do 2500 so if they’re going to go in there the then you have the mentality of you booked a 2500 seat building which looks small and you’re not camouflaging it and you’re still looking I mean you’re looking better than Full Sail but you’re still not looking major-league you know these guys you know what when when Smackdown runs in an NBA arena with 3,000 people they still know how to shoot it to make it look full and it still looks like it’s in a major league building I guess they could do the same thing for NXT but I don’t know that they will I know I don’t see them booking NBA arenas and doing 2,000 people for NXT and and you know I just don’t see that mentality but to keep up with aw you know that’s it’s just a drill tricky it’s a real tricky game but yeah they’re gonna have to get a full sail I thought that to me the best match of the day without a doubt was was matt riddle and adam cole i thought that they you know but i also thought this was a very good you’re a wrestling fan because there was so much you know there was so much going on that was and it was I mean I would say 90% of what was going on on both shows was really good I thought posters were so good so it’s like there’s not a lot there’s there’s things you can say but there’s not a lot to complain about you

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