AEW And Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle Become nWo 2019 | Simon Miller’s Wrestling Show #222

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now I have to do that thing where I wait for everybody to to let me know I had to reset my my preamp so now I’ll wait until the comments say we have sound and if you watch this after the fact it will magically disappear so we will wait until somebody says we have sound yes can’t hear you no sound I understand this it will should come on in a minute once the stream catches up and I have reset my there it is there we go had to reset my preamp who knows what goes on with preamps preamps are very strange so now we go quiet for two seconds however welcome to Simon Miller’s pro-wrestling show my name is Simon this is a pro wrestling show thank you for everybody joining me on YouTube now with sound after fixing that little issue let’s look at the preamp and say Roland get your act together yeah look as I said let’s head once before if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel smash to subscribe but I’d appreciate it especially if you’re listening to the podcast version just said the sidemen are on youtube our Instagram and Twitter at Simon of three one six all of this is supported by forward slash asylum and a three one six there is a link in the description below even if you can throw a dollar in the mix it helps me so much so like all that money everything has to be financed and it allows me to do these things and once again another way I do that is through super chats so if you want to control the conversation or ask a question you do that by taking the super chat button and now as I look for it to do it again my man who already got in there before the podcasters that’s the show had began I hope I get your name right Pierre and ash I think it is parranda Sharma simply said in the super chat mjf is a bigger babyface than Seth Rollins and you know what he’s not wrong Seth Rollins is in such a position at the moment to move my chair up a bit and he’s in such a position at the moment that Roman reigns had to come out and defend him you know it’s bad when Roman reigns the guy that used to get you know crapped on from a great height has to come and save you but we’ll see what happens with Seth Rollins but you know we don’t know and it’s it’s gonna be a crazy situation between him and Bray Wyatt we will wait and see where the where the lay of the land is when all is said and done but yes Seth Rollins is not really where he needs to be today we’re gonna do something a bit different of course given the aw now is on Wednesday nights as well as NXT not gonna lie I do i ups and downs for aew now as you know over on what cultural wrestling and we will go over there at 2 p.m. BST which is 53 minutes haven’t got around to watching NXT especially here in the UK we have to wait until the evening when they uploaded to the network or West Indian even is like the morning of Friday so have watched our next team I’ll watch it when I can but for now it’s all about aew and I’ll tell you and I thought it’s great I thought it’s a really really good wrestling show I always like to try and be as balanced as I can and I like to try and I’m not saying I like to I’ll never work in a down for the sake of it but I always try and be as critical criticals the wrong word I always try and watch it with my critique hat on but always said and done I was like there was one thing that kind of grinded my gears a little bit but otherwise it just R it was a really good wrestling so why pretend otherwise you know I love WWE I love aw I’ve LM a w impact whatever but for me I thought it flew by the two hours like a breeze it was well-structured it was well paced I had fun I enjoyed myself they didn’t take certain things too seriously in a good way great caster characters great matches if they do that every week it’s gonna be a very fun ride shout out to Nick see who says that’s what known as a two percent botch ongoing in raw that’s not really a botch it’s audio technical equipment and also morning Simon are we doing our podcast after this well I’ll be there my friend that was a plan so if you wanna if you’re gonna be there as well we absolutely will cheap plug to have you had our over to patreon calm for words last Simon of three one six or three sixteen obviously yeah you can come on the podcast at the relevant ear just check it out and shout out to my man Timothy Jones in the super chairs good morning Simon good morning to you Timothy I hope you are well yet so well I really like the inner circle which is Chris Jericho’s new group everybody crapped on that name straightaway which I don’t understand why because all names in wrestling is stupid really I mean they’re not on they are like the nation of domination d-generation X than a new world order which we’re going to get into today I know NWO and idx kind of tie into two sayings that were used to they’re all they’re all dumb lost buried coins why because they’re from Porto Rica like it’s just ridiculous so I don’t in a circle it’s fine I think it makes sense especially because we’ve got some WWE guys in there and we’ve got some impact guys in there and all I should say TNA guys well either’s fine but yet to me there was it was a real NWO vibe to it and either people are throwing groups in there but NWO kind of came up with this idea I’m not saying it’s like for like but I am saying that all of it resting in general has very it really really does have a WCW vibe it does that ending with everybody running in the good guys and the bad guys and there being infinite directions for loads of them and there’s one guy who you’re not too sure of WCW when it’s at its peak in 96 97 used to all the time and I used to smash it it’s one of the reasons the NWO angle felt so good the problem that World Championship Wrestling has had is that they never knew when to start putting the balance back in WCW favor so the NWO would just beat everybody up and and eventually he would you know he would you just thought what’s the point why would I want to be team WCW when I should be team NWO because they win I’m not saying anyway that’s me going off on him going off on a tangent but it really had that same for they all stood there Chris Jericho made sure to put them all over and explained they have a really good kind of balance with it as well cuz Chris Jericho is your world champion we’re not a hundred percent sure where Jake Hager is gonna fall into this but we’ll find out everyone saying he’s really motivated and wants to make up for his the end of his double degree run so that’s exciting but then you’ve got Santana Ortiz who can be a tag team dudes and Sammy Guevara is your up-and-coming dude so it’s just really really well-balanced Chris Jericho’s promo is pure fire I think we can all agree with that it was clearly not scripted and when he started to address the crowd about the We the People stuff shot that down you know that’ll never happen again excuse me uh what’s going on you know he took care of that and again there’s a real foot the fact that the end of the show they were all getting involved in the Jericho who the hell did he team with Sony Guevara in fact they were getting involved in that tag team match against hangman Paige and Dustin Rhodes and eventually is reason they won it’s brilliant they’re dominating and yet they still got theirs right cuz Darby Alan’s skateboard down and smash Jericho with his board and I think that’s awesome at the NWO were around in the late 90s right it’s been like 25 years or whatever I don’t know not that long but it’s but it’s been over two decades and again I’m not saying they’re like for like with that whatsoever I’m not I’m not being hyperbole in that sense but they just have that kind of cool factor to them but they also know that their heels and I just think that’s the best way to do it because even if they have decided to go to you know throwback to that kind of ear and that kind of stuff that they’re doing we don’t really have stables in WWE at the moment at least we haven’t had that focus for ages so that kind of feels fresh – that kind of brings something extra to it as well and maybe it grows maybe we add some more people maybe we don’t maybe we secure it at five but I only see I was watching that and I was like this group feels threatening they don’t feel like geeks they feel like they’re being positioned to main a bit as main event players and it just felt it did even though you’re doing what’s old is new again it felt really fresh and I honestly felt like I was transported back to the late 90s and I was watching I was watching that program and there’s nothing wrong with that again the fact that we ended with that just huge brawl everybody getting involved and look people keep saying it was overbooked yes it was that was the point the point was we were getting all these guys involved all the name guys involved trying to get some other guys over in the process absolutely loved it like it was just fun it was just fun to watch and it got me excited to see what they’re gonna do next week beforehand we had a bunch of other matches hey maybe now the inner circle start interfering and all the other people’s matches and pissing everybody off I don’t know but I’m certainly not against it I mean the fact that we have you know we pushed quite hard the fact that Chris Jericho is taking on Cody at full gear but also taking on Darby Allen next week maybe Darby Allen goes heal I’m not saying he’s going to do that but maybe there is another twist in the tale I just thought that whole presentation of that promo and look the promo was nothing special in terms of a dude in the ring talking we see that in wresting all the time but the execution was to such a level not only to make well let me rephrase them not only did completely justify why it’s so important to have Chris Jericho in the aew it brings a certain legitimacy to it and it brings in laps fans who like Chris Jericho because he doesn’t work for WWE anymore but it just again everybody felt like they were important and I felt like that I like if I choose to sleep on any of those five dudes that’s on me as opposed to the company because they have big plans and really mjf serves a wonderful part in all of this because I did this earlier I keep forgetting we’ve got Kody we’ve got the young bucks we’ve got Dustin Rhodes there we go we got Darby Allen and we’ve got him Jeff Ryan so that’s six v5 and if you were building up to a straight feud you’d have 5v5 so MGF at the moment is kind of hanging in this middle ground where obviously he teased the hill turn against Cody Rhodes he didn’t he attacked me in a circle instead but is there something there was that their plan I mean it never makes sense we do those plans in wrestling but let’s not pretend we haven’t done it before and that’s cool so we’ve got a story going in there we’ve got a story with Chris Jericho and Darby Allen we’ve got a story with Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes I assume we’re gonna have a story with young bucks and Santana and Ortiz Dustin Rhodes also now has a problem with Chris Jericho it’s just there’s all these interlinking things that you can do and they also did that during the hangman page I can’t remember the hangman page team with with Dustin Rhodes and the jon moxley Shawn Spears Mitch because you have Kenny Omega coming out afterwards and he’s got beef with Jon Moxley but PACs got beef with everybody and Shawn Spears now kind of feels like he’s been left in the lurch and it’s all just crossing over but it’s not crossing over in a complicated way you’re just giving yourself different doors to open as and when you choose and that’s exactly what you should be doing and this is before in fact we can do it right now solicita and the super chat thank you so much my friend says I watch aew last week and last place specifically for lucha Saurus I’m 99% sure they said last week they said Jurassic Express was supposed to be there and well I’m not 100% sure about that I mean they’re probably on a W dark again weather it doesn’t really count I suppose don’t worry we address that on ups and downs as well but that’s my point we haven’t even got to the point where we’ve started telling story we’ve teased them but not going to nitty-gritty with the lucha brothers lucha soros jungle boy Marco Stan SC you as a ton of guys that we consume work in sir proceedings and right now I’m like how do we do it like how on earth do we do it because it’s at the moment again it flew by last night it flew by but I think that’s really exciting that’s a wonderful problem to have you never want to be over exposing dudes or coming in and not having enough ideas to fill a show and right now I tell you it makes me want to smack down not a bad way but it smack down to die and roar just to go back to two hours kids when you’re up against it you kind of got just got to stick to your big guns and stick to your big stories and I totally I totally believe totally believe that it works right there is some super get to my man Alex B says aew wrestling is more entertaining I’m not gonna say it’s more entertaining anything because before this week again I thought WWE had a great week last week too but I do think this aw show was brilliant I really I mean again the fact that we had the Jericho tag team match and that was the end I was like that I can’t get over the fact we’re already there and I’ve seen some people saying they didn’t like Jimmy havoc versus Darby yeah I thought it was fine okay it wasn’t as violent as you’d first presume it would be given that who was involved but I think we can save those brutal matches for pay-per-views I thought it was it wasn’t easy to watch nicely worked match not everything has to be the best thing you’ve ever seen that’s the only problem we had with all the wrestling a lot of people think everything has to be the best thing you ever seen it really doesn’t it really really doesn’t my man Opie and the super chat says Simon are you wrestling in the northwest soon keep up the great work sir you single-handedly are the hardest-working man on YouTube well I appreciate that I do my best am i resting in the northwest soon I don’t know let me see if I can I can tell you that information but when I pour geography knowledge am i resting and then no not really resting in Sheffield it’s not north at all no I need to get some stuff up there I would get slim pickings up there never since – fine I have already gone up north booked me people richard Dalloway in the superjet says will the inner circle outstay their welcome wow richard van is putting them under the bus in record time I mean maybe that was the problem with the New World Order right they overstayed their welcome and they never got beat so yes potentially that could happen but I know that I’m excited about them right now I know that the presentation of them last night was so good that it crashed the pro wrestling teams website store because as soon as everybody knew that t-shirt was available they all ran to get it not the best idea of what I hill groups meant to be but we’re living in crazy times in 2019 anyway but we don’t know we don’t know again if we had killed off the NWO after I’d have to go back a look at my timeline but let’s say a year I think it may have been a bit longer than that we probably would have looked back at it even better than we do now and look before IEW started I saw so many hotshot articles like Cody’s gonna keep putting himself over and the young bucks is gonna keep putting themselves over so as I’m concerned the young bucks always lose not always lose but they’ve lost a lot and losses the private party in a really good opening niche I thought I understand not everybody likes what the young bucks do excuse me well the young bucks do but I thought that match had everything it was exciting to watch it had flips that had near Falls it had drama it had suspense you had some storytelling from you know that the Bucks who were kind of trying some devious tactics they wanted to get through and it was all it all came together it had the glow in the sense it was a tag-team tournament and within that three-minute video you knew about the wins the losses the time limit and we didn’t have to do anything sort of generic and I thought that was either honestly I thought the whole show okay maybe you can say it dipped in the women’s tag and the Jimmy Havok match but when I say dipped I think that’s incredibly cruel I still think they were well worked matches that were fun to watch okay they weren’t as high as the opening half an hour the closing half an hour but I think you have to be quite vindictive to get to to get to down on that my man Albert murk’s of ich was a great name says take my money Miller you are the best that’s very can tell but I appreciate that I promise you I will filter it all back into these podcasts and my youtube channel to try and deliver you more content Mathew baling the super chat says I think the slow-burn mjf Hilton is my fav story so far totally because they could have that last night right they could that last night it probably would have been good we probably would have appreciated it yeah we kind of know that it’s all coming but ultimately holding off building on social media which Cody did afterwards he was putting over mjf calling him his friend only means the hill term when it’s done is bigger and also we don’t need him as a hill right now we have our feuds we don’t need to hotshot anything which is why I think this Darby Allen Chris Jericho match for next week has something in it because there’s a hotshot I don’t really need to see a world championship match on TV at the moment it’s only week three so I imagine there’s a plan there and I’m intrigued to see what the plan is I mean ultimately we got to the end of the show and I was excited about next week’s show and that’s all you ever have to do just make me want to tune in Rob buns in the super chat just threw some money in there Thank You Rob I appreciate that that’s very kind same with Daniel Holmes appreciate it Dan who also says hey Simon just showing my support keep up the good work what kind people today a lot of support in the chat Thank You Daniel I appreciate that I hope you have a good day and my man he’s just vanished I hope I’m getting your name my friend could we press there we go my man preesh has come back and he says do you think mjf turning on cody or the other way around interesting way to look at it maybe Cody well I think there’s two ways I think mjf either screws Cody out of his title match at full gear which is brilliant because then you set up that program anyway and Cody can step away from the main event scene for the time being and you can come up with a new challenge of a Chris Jericho whoever that may be but hell yeah man why not why can’t we go the other way I think it’ll be quite hard to get that audience to boo Cody but it’s a good story there’s a good narrative there I’m not sure that it matters everybody involved in aw over the sort of the course over the last few weeks months has said they’re not really overly invested in heels and faces they kind of want the fans to adapt to what they’re doing and you know I mean Nick Jackson spat in private pies face last night that’s he’ll ish but they were still faces at the end of the night when they’re running out to save their mates and I kind of like that I kind of like that strange situation that we’re creating so but yeah I’d be up for that I think it’s all about execution and so far the execution has just been really really good and it goes to show that when you do the simple things right that’s all we need is wrestling fans don’t forget as well IEW for dark next week film Joey janela versus Kenny Omega I think apparentiy is crazy so you know take that for what it’s worth my man cyber kid just threw some money the super chat Thank You cyber kid again I will make sure that goes back into the into the pot James Martin says the super chat how about guevara has two ups after pages clotheslines his two ups oh I see what you mean yeah I’d look that whole match was hangman page I thought that was the best I’ve seen hang my own page in aw I thought you looked great Dustin Rhodes continues to roll back the years Chris Jericho just the best Helen yes Emma Guevara is absolutely submit the best thing about Sammy Guevara was he was pitched as the young guy which he should have been and the commentary team went out of their way to tell us that and said that are we gonna keep an eye on this guy so instantly I’m more invested and also to be standing alongside Chris Jericho Jake Hagar gonna keep calling him Jack Swagger I can’t help it and guys like lax that does it does bring something to him it’s like when we did evolution in WWE Randy Orton and Batista benefited for who they were situated around because it’s a simple storytelling technique right well I understand resting is not real but Wow Chris Jericho is decided to align himself with this guy maybe I should keep an eye on this guy that’s what I need I don’t need it to be over there more over the top wrestling’s done keep it dumb my man Stan always supporting always a nice guy for hand on your heart you’ve beautiful bald fellow Thank You Stan and thank you for coming on the podcast last week and that FB goo is in the chat which is wigs I was gonna get back to her later saying don’t worry you can’t make this live stream she sent me a message but she’s here anyway much appreciate it also an awesome supporter a hi Simon I love Jon Moxley ghost emoji Jon Moxie was pretty good last night I thought his this new kind of renegade character just feels more real if he was more legit he feels like he’s having the best time ever again enjoyed his match against Shawn Spears enjoyed all the craziness that happened afterwards with PAC and Kenny Omega I like the fact that PAC was on commentary and he addressed hey man I’m winning all these matches and management ain’t gonna give me ain’t gonna give me a title show what’s that about cool interesting story he also attacked Kenny ager interesting story him kenny omega and jon moxley also gonna have a barbed wire battle which was the nazis thing i’ve ever seen cool story and the background he got Shawn Spears you’ve probably seen a bit like guys can you stop ignoring me cool story also what’s all these threads about Shawn Shawn Spears not very good Shawn Spears has done nothing but what he was meant to do so far I think that’s well unfair I think he’s fitting in like like he was always going to and shout out to my man cyber kid he was also just thrown some thrown some a in the super chair it’s very kind cyber kid man I appreciate it I’m also excited about this tag team tournament right I can’t remember what the bracket is now because again it helps so much when you actually see it on TV but private party they’ve gone through and private pilot’s so good again I’ve seen so many people saying our private party is too soon not from that performance it’s not I’m not saying it was perfect but I’m saying I was damned entertained it was down enjoyable even if a young bucks were pulling all the strings doesn’t mouth when they got that hot tag that place exploded and yet we haven’t mentioned the crowd yet I didn’t mention the crowd on ups and downs probably because I just expect it now with aew they play their part they go there to have a good time and I know that’s been the same with NXT dudes as well but from what I’ve heard last night they kind of died in died in the second hour which will be a shame and really from my vantage point I’m not saying this is correct I’m just saying this is the like feeling that I get and will be validated or not by ratings as and when they come out I woke up and they felt it was a lot of buzz around the aw show but not a lot of people were talking about NXT I’m not saying that is the way that it’s gone down I have absolutely no idea that’s just my circle of people that I’ve surrounded myself with but again it is only the second show so I guess there is still a bit of more of an excitement for aw really the ratings don’t matter until we get to January February and we have to try and figure out what’s going on but yeah awesome show women you know women’s match was great built a couple of feuds there too and now I’m just excited to see what is next shout and Detlef be good a Super Show says she’s in her waiting room for the appointment thought I’d check in I appreciate that’s very kind and like I say always supporting always appreciated on my end but you’re my big takeaway was with an inner circle standing in that ring with Chris Jericho front and center and I was like let this become you know it doesn’t have to be anything brand new there’s plenty of stuff that we can but go back to in the well that will ultimately do the job this needs to do and I will be happy with I love the NWO and I loved all the stables from that era and I think we’ve had conversations like this before where we’ve said we’d enjoy that to come back in I’ve heard comparisons to the main a minute before and things like that but they they we’re a little bit more under the radar no disrespect the TNA impact but they never really hit these highs that aew seems to be hitting I know they had that massive rating when they moved to spike we’ll wait and see but to me the whole presentation of aew feels more WCW and I mean that in a positive way I really that ending trust me if you if you know what I’m talking about and you were a young and watching WCW in that period you know they did that all the time and you know that it was cool there’s that gift that always goes around of sting just careering down from the sky with his would you call it whatever the Bungie scored over the net that hello it’s cool I’m a man so listo in the super chat says I think a W needs a little bit more sports entertainment the resting is amazing but I really don’t feel an emotional attachment to anyone at the moment I think that is true but I think we have to give them a few weeks to a month because you know I think even episode two showed that they changed things around the second segment was a long promo with Chris Jericho where he did introduce his stable and he did introduce people and we also seemed to be having whoever’s in the opening match gets those little vignettes those videos that also adds depth and context to their characters so yes I agree we do need a bit more storytelling a bit more promo time but I think they know that too again where would I put anything else in last night’s show given what the plan was again it flew by so it’s difficult for me to criticize it but I do agree sillas know that yeah if we get to say mid November early December and we’re still not going in that direction then it’s something that hopefully will be addressed but I think we are adding pieces to the puzzle every week that we go and it’s really hard to say this cuz we’re only two pieces in we need to be 10 11 12 pieces in and then and then we’ll know but basically so far so good and I think the use of Chris Jericho is only helping the product even even more and I’m excited I’m excited it was it was far better than I thought it would be for the second week I looked at all the matches and I kind of matches look good but I don’t know how I’m gonna feel walking away with this but again they came up with angles that we’re exciting that’s the key they came up with stuff was exciting and made you go oh that’s fun and also their World Championship right now it does feel pretty good I need to see what’s gonna happen in this Derby Allen match next week I think there’s something there how cool is it as well like I watch a lot of resting and I love wrestling and I knew who Darby Allen was from afar but now I’m really getting to know him same with mjf you know he has come to fruition thanks to aew and there was somebody else as well that’s um Oh Sammy Kaveri you know again I knew the name and I’d seen gifts but III just I’m enjoying getting to be introduced to brand new wrestlers and before everyone goes crazy it doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of WWE or anything else that I watched again Chris Jericho said it best it just feels like an alternative and right now two weeks and I’m very happy with the alternative I am I think it I think it takes a lot of boxes but we will wait and see what happens again in the chat let me know what you think about also we’re not going to talk much NXT on the show because I haven’t seen it so there is anything you want to focus on when it comes to NXT let me know we have a lineup for next week’s aew show as well of course that championship Chris Jericho versus Darby Allen yeah I don’t know what there’s got to be something in this I can little gut for Darby Allen was so over I forgot a tenth I’ll be Alan heal in this great and that sounds stupid but the fact that we get to speculate like this with smiles on our faces I think is awesome we’ve also got for my man who was waiting for it it is gonna be the title tournament match between the lucha brothers and the jurassic express as well as the best friends vs SoCal uncensored which they also referenced on tonight’s show I should have mentioned that we had the promo with the best friends with orange Cassidy just sat there look it’s absolutely ridiculous it was absolutely dumb it was really stupid but it was the right side of ridiculous and dumb and stupid my man Timothy Jones says I tried to get into aw it’s just not happening I think NXT is the better product both this week and last week they put on the better show that’s cool Timothy like that’s cool they you know you you’re allowed to make that choice and it’s awesome that you can make that choice right you don’t want to watch aw don’t watch it you want to focus and actually great you just want to be a WWE guy I’ve talked to some people that have said to me as much as I you know like the idea of all elite thing and I want them to succeed what I’ve learnt now is I enjoy WWE’s method of presentation doesn’t mean that he’d liked all their stories he wasn’t very enamored with the white Seth Rollins stuff either but that’s okay there is no right or wrong with any of this you should just look at your week look what you’ve got to do and then you have a certain amount of entertainment hours to spend on wrestling figure out which one you like and make them your priority and if you hear about something cool happening elsewhere check it out on YouTube watch ups and downs whatever that’s how it should always be should never just be forced to watch one thing and my man family country and jws says he only watched aw this week no WWE my own little protest well I don’t think you would have been alone I never I’m not against it I mean I could ever see my even if I take myself away from what I do for a living what I’m lucky to do I could never see myself just not watching WWE like I’d watch less but I don’t think I’d ever not watch a program just because of a bad booking decision because I don’t know I guess I’m just not that I’m not that way inclined but I do I’m not saying I’m against the people that do it and I can understand a lot of people have bought into this Bray Wyatt fiend character wanted to see WWE go all the way with it break up the status quo Seth Rollins didn’t need that we talked about all of this but you I understand you know when WWE does things that you don’t agree with over and over again you may feel a little bit pushed aside as a fan totally can understand that and appreciate it so I’m on your side and we’ll see what happens right the ratings are everything at the moment and excuse me they will tell a story and my man yang Zang tan a credible name as well just put somebody in a super chat thank you so much man I appreciate it and cyber kid is back to cyber kids smashing it today thank you my friend yeah have you heard about Bo Dallas joining Bray Wyatt do you mean from a kayfabe news point of view on that note my final two shots please do search for kayfabe news right now give them a subscribe it’s mine kayfabe news and Phil Chambers is daft satirical wrestling channel you’ll see it when you go there and of course don’t forget that the podcast or the show is sponsored by pins and knuckles you can check them out right now pins and knuckles calm or if you want an exclusive Simon a t-shirt with the Big Y that you my gear you can get that as well at pins and knuckles merch calm and also Big Cartel Simon Miller dope Big Cartel calm bunch of merchandise up there I’ve got white t-shirts I’ve got head slap t-shirts I got eight-by-tens I will sign for you go check it out and if you would like any of my merchandise I will get that out to you this week actually because tomorrow is merch sending day so you’ll get it soon but you’re going back to cyber kid’s point we did do a joke video on kayfabe news where we said that Bray Wyatt is getting a new member of his gang and it was gonna be the friend and the friend was gonna be played by Bo Dallas so that’s kind of level we’re going for here so please do what please do go and check it out I don’t know what that someone was mentioned I don’t know whether apart from Kenny Omega versus Joey janela I don’t know what the dark matches were last night but it’s cool if we’re doing stuff like putting Kenny Omega on aew dark it’s gonna do YouTube hits and wait let’s say that aw dark is the equivalent of main event for WWE I don’t think it is obviously because they they act very differently very independently of one another but having one of your top guys on that show is gonna get people to watch we did ups and downs for that this week and it did okay but I imagine if we do it again next week it will do better because people know that Kenny’s on the show that’s how it works that’s what wrestling is so yeah that’s my thoughts on it that’s my thoughts on Chris Jericho in a circle the NWO although I don’t know why the lights went out when Cody Rhodes what what what’s that why did Cody Rhodes become the Undertaker look I’m never against it I’d have lights going out for the rest of my life I think it’s the best thing that Wrestling does because it may it makes no sense who’s controlling that we go bully the lighting guy and the production assistant but it always generates the right kind of response when done well we’ve been doing it now for years and it just never gets old for me um I’m a I’m a stickler for lights going out and then somebody random appearing in the ring I don’t know why either I’m just I’m just a crazy guy otherwise I think that’s it when it comes to yuw ratings I come and when ratings came out last week again here are your dark matches I’m not gonna tell you who won or lost we also had peter avalon versus kip Sabian versus sunny kiss which i imagine was also a very good match but since we had to this week it seems there may be another one again i’m just going through random new sites here and one thing I do know about NXT again if you don’t want spoilers at you enough now is the NXT did give the cruiserweight title to Leo rush so that’s you know that’s quite a big change I don’t know where they’re gonna start focusing on it more I don’t even know what the future of 2:05 live is we’ll find out on Friday after Smackdown on Fox if we don’t have that show again you’d have to imagine it’s been silently canceled but clearly we’re now showcasing that belt more on NXT probably a good thing but it does mean we’ve got what NXT World Championship men’s NXT World Championship winning ruin and then we’ve got the North American Title obviously the Tag Team titles and the cruiserweight now I think that’s fine especially if you’ve now moved into a TV into a TV kind of environment you probably can get away with that because you’re not gonna be different I still think we could bring a TV title back you know I know it’s different now given how much Wrestling has evolved but do you have a television champ you know we’ve got this Chris Jericho Darby Allen match next week and it’s called the world titles on the line I think there’s something there but for me try and defend your world title as little as possible because it makes the events when it is defended even bigger and that’s why a television title was brought in to begin with because it could be defended on television you could sell you know you could sell tickets and you could sell you could get people to watch the way our titles gonna be on the line so I think there’s still room for that I don’t have the cruiserweight championship he’s gonna fill that void but I’m certainly wouldn’t be against it if it was and I need and I want to see that Kushida walther match because it’s such a bizarre in a good way is such a bizarre matchup for me but I mean basically a little enlarge right David and Goliath so when I have to I’ll have to catch up with that which I will do and he’s like he’s good Leo rush I liked him when he was with Bobby Lashley and I don’t think I’d seen him much before that apart from sort of clips and stuff like that but you know he certainly got something about him so yeah it I thought it was a good night for pro wrestling especially after the craziness of Sunday that’s the other thing I don’t know how that is going to equate going down the line a lot of people got pissed off with WWE understandably so I was miffed too as you know if you watched ups and downs and into gets up three days later and get a show that felt very very much driven towards what a fan base would want and expect from that particular product it’s gonna be interesting it’s gonna be and I’m not saying that dynamite is gonna start competing with raw I’m not saying that at all but I am saying that they’ve gotten off on a good foot and I don’t think it got preempted in the end there was a lot of rumors when I went to begs a gap early to watch them that they may get preempted by the baseball which was going long I don’t really watch much I used to watch it loads I don’t want you minute anymore I’d it was gonna be moved off TNT to truTV which apparently would have been difficult when it came to numbers but I don’t think that happened I may be wrong I don’t think that happened and I think that would have been a bit upsetting for only a second week because it doesn’t really give you a good lay of the land and I really won’t know what the lay of lands gonna be right I’m just looking for other news anything else you want me to talk about make sure to throw it in the chat or you can just super chat or you can use whatever you want we did talk about Darby Allen going down his skateboard which I don’t know I know that it’s not the it’s not the first time that it’s happened but there doesn’t matter it’s still you know it’s still fun and silly no there’s nothing going on there it’s still fun and silly and had people reacting to it I always said that’s half the battle get people to want to tune in next week get people reacting to your stuff and sharing it on social media and talking about it after the fact having those water cooler moments did you see Darby Allen he came down on his skateboard the best fit was as well some people are on how rubbish and anyone I kneed him in the face he just wanted more momentum he wanted as much momentum as possible and then he just blasted him oh yeah we should talk about nwa power I did watch NWA power I’m not gonna do ups and down I wasn’t on why don’t you do ups and downs for it well because I need a life like I need to have some time where I’m not upping and down I appreciate it I appreciate the love and I appreciate the support hey I don’t think many people would watch that no disrespect to NWA power but that I you know I think what college has got quite a good grasp from their audience now and I just don’t think they would have done but I mean talk about finding a way to justify having your product by making it stand out by again just it’s the most old-school thing ever and I mean that in the positive in the positive sense if I like we were watching Memphis from the 70s you know it’s shot in a studio have a very small audio the set is you can see this quite claustrophobic but again it’s like you’ve been transported back to a different time so if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for you want some southern rasslin there it is you’ve got that now – in 2019 I think Nick Aldous is wildly underrated I think he’s fantastic I like that main event I liked when you go through the go through the roster there’s a bunch of guys and you’re like oh well you know I kind of know these guys from here there and everywhere I think it’s and putting on Tuesday nights is just smart it’s just really really smart it’s it’s an open day right now where people are used to watching wrestling it’s free on YouTube if you watch it for a few weeks I’m sure you’ll get invested it’s probably gonna be a bit too much for some because we’re used to this overproduced expensive setting when it comes to wrestling but it’s mean you have to do that all the time by a stretch the imagination so that’s a cool thing to focus on as well you can literally watch wrestling every day right now in here in the UK Monday do Raw Tuesday do nwa power wednesday you do aew Thursday you can do NXT and NXT UK Friday is Smackdown and it’s the weekend and who knows what’s gonna go on probably a pay-per-view if you’ve got aw that’d be Saturday NXT will be Saturday double w/e I like UFC they run on Saturdays oh it’s just exhausting shout out to my man Philly flexor incredible name just throwing some money in the super chair again I appreciate all of that I promise I try and push as much back into the podcast as possible even if it’s turning down other work because I think I want to be able to do a podcast time cost money unfortunately my man shall get horn in a super chat says and now one undisputed error versus Bala versus a Velveteen dream versus Champa versus Gargano at wargames I’m gonna presume something big happen on NXT last night now that you’ve said that but yes as I’ve said I have not got around to see NXT yet I have to wait till tomorrow if we’re honest which means I won’t watch it till the weekend cuz I need time to sleep to do things that are not resting but if they are planning to do that at war games that’s an incredible match that really is an obviously having guard going on and Champa back together is he’s interesting how do we feel about Finn Balor being on NXT I don’t know what he did last night like I say I know that his profile got moved there on so they’re not gonna hotshot this I think the main thing when it comes to NXT and this is nothing amazing or nothing new is they probably need to get out of Full Sail as quickly as possible because those crowds and the different setting but when I first saw the building for aw last labs but it’s clearly smaller than Washington the week before the crowd was just as good and when a crowd is that good it makes the like I say the episode so much more fun to watch whereas why I’ve heard is the first hour Full Sail pretty loud second hour they get a bit tired because it’s a smaller venue and also it makes the in you’ll probably get the same sensation with NWA but it’s different because NWA is meant to be a studio show I don’t think that’s the vibe NXT is going for so they probably need to get on the road but then you have the question can they draw the crowds that aww are doing don’t know potentially in time but maybe not now it’s a really interesting battle and it’s still one that I’m amazed WWE took on they didn’t need to I don’t think you know to me they can only lose when the big fish takes on the little fish and the little fish takes a bite out of somebody else’s leg you go if the big fish just eats a little fish you like yeah because it’s a big fish so I don’t know why they did it I don’t know where NXT is going to do I hope that it does well I want all wrestling to do well and I want wrestlers to be paid millions of dollars and to enjoy themselves and to be happy but um yeah that’s just a kind of my take away from it I want to see what finn bálor how much of an effect is finding out Balor going to be he will be far better used on NXT you’d have to imagine I mean he’s already considered a main event guy as we were just talking about whether or not it’s enough to get people to tune in is again as a matter it’s a matter of time I would turn him he’ll maybe not now but if you know Prince Devitt from his New Japan days our Finn Balor has a real side to him that a WWE audience hasn’t seen yet and I think it would give him something new to jump into the hill Finn Balor is good Hill Finn Balor is really good so we’ll keep an eye out for that somebody asking about an update with being me and Sami Callihan may meant what culture wrestling I did my comeback promo I said I’m happy to take him on now the balls in his court we’ll wait and see what he’s got up his sleeve but I’m ready probably gonna die but you know you don’t turn down opportunity so the challenges out there I’ve accepted he wants to do in America sometime next year dun-dun-dun bring it and i’ll take on sami callihan i think i should say actually prefer get this Saturday in Sheffield if you around please come down to breed wrestling they’re having a damn wrestling match in a damn cave go find them on social media breed wrestling you can find all the information but I will be in the scramble match for pre dressing on Saturday in Sheffield please come down if you’re able and shout out to anybody on Sunday came down to see me at Discovery resting in Scotland or Capel wrestling down in Southampton I really appreciate seeing you a lot of people said some lovely things know that it didn’t it’s not it doesn’t fall on deaf ears I’m very appreciative of it cyber kid the super chat says is your puppet from Simon Says for sale I mean absolutely not cyber kid I appreciate the fact that you’d want you’d want it but then I can’t do Simon Says I’ve only got one it’s not like they were mass-produced it was actually made by somebody I used to work with mother he text me one day and he said Miller if my mum makes you a puppet would you use it in videos as relates to video game videos and I said yes and here we are four years later and I’m still using him the original video is when I interviewed I can remember his name now because how my brain works with a current producer of the Street Fighter games I love the street fight games quick tangent here and yeah we got Capcom to agree to you know interview this really important man in the development world as a puppet and he responded using a blanket toy that guy is awesome my man Sean and super chat says for the second week in a row I think all our wrestling put on a more entertaining show but NXT had better matches great time to be a wrestling fan I’ve heard that a lot I think it’s kind of a good balance to have right I mean a W is a very very wrestling heavy centric show as somebody else said earlier I’ve got no problem with that because it’s kind of what they hinted at beforehand but people are saying that the match quality is better in NXT I think it’s more important for me to be entertained because I’ve seen so many good matches especially this ship and I want to see more but if someone said to me it’s difficult because we see a good match technically you’ll be entertained as well but there has to be the bells and whistles around it which is also something we mentioned before so I think being entertained overall like I say I’ll let you know what I feel about NXT when I’ve watched it but I can’t deny how easy all Elite was to watch last night or this morning for me it flew by I didn’t believe that Chris Jericho tagged him was the main event so he can’t be and I got 20 minutes left and then we had that with D the brawl at the end if you haven’t seen the broad at the end just grab your way to see it so funny if you’ve never seen wrestling before you’d be like what is going on how I meant to keep up with this but fair play to everybody involved it was it was absolutely wonderful put a massive smile on my face and hey even with all the craziness with the fiend and Seth Rollins I’m not gonna lie pretend that hasn’t been brilliant – it’s been great to have the discussion with you guys it meant that you know videos did better because people were desperate just to hear people talk about it and get opinions I did the same I went back and listened to old podcasts they’re not old podcasts but old people that I used to listen to years ago I’ll they’ll have something to say about it I want to get there I want to get their opinion on it as well and you’re right it is a great time to be a wrestling fan even though it was disappointing what happened with the fiend that I would never want this to be the way that we did it the silver lining when somebody absolutely shits the bed oh we talked about Chris Jericho saying that on aw is well how good was that just dropping the f-bomb South Park would be proud but yet when when those when those incidents do happen and the wrestling community comes together and they just want to chat about things it’s excellent it’s absolutely excellent joy having those conversations some people take it too far but it really does feel that it’s a swelling in the community and let’s face it that fiend Seth Rollins stuff had more traction than the week before when we had brand new aew and Smackdown go into Friday’s and it goes to show those one it that there’s one event that those small events that people are super invested in can have an incredible fallout and I love that when it comes to wrestling I love the passion I don’t let the people to crap on others but I understand that it’s going to happen bring them on do more chicken salad in a super chat says I love how the crowd chants this is awesome at aew I know you mean it sounds organic it sounds real and also the cool thing was like because I kind of chanting Chris Jericho at one point but when he healed up enough I mean the stuff he said about Dusty Rhodes right they didn’t like it and they turned and I like a crowd that that’s invested in that way they’re listening and again they’re not either not they’re not afraid to voice their opinion that’s what you from an audience especially in wresting again Hulk Hogan the rock well they’re talking about again you know how it works basically good night for wrestling Wednesday good night for wrestling last week Sunday Monday not the best day the Tyson said you only prom with the Tyson Fury stuff I did a tweet about this cheap plug at Simon a three one six give me a follow but the only problem with that was I saw so I’m not gonna name names kids I don’t know who wrote these things but I saw some mainstream websites and radio shows that were talking about it you just still crap all over resting and I’m like dudes come on now that they act like they think fans still think it’s real so we know it’s not real and realistically even a hundred years ago we knew that it wasn’t real everyone was kind of all I kind of know what’s up but I just buy in and I want to go down the holes the difference between reading a book or anything like that cuz I get it but it’s just maybe I’m being naive but it’s incredible to me that in 2019 not even about wrestling but when people are ignorant to things or they don’t necessarily have the knowledge or the information they decide to just like I say they’re rubbish push it aside and yeah the Tyson Fury punches we talked about them well it was stupid but that wasn’t Tyson Fury’s fault that’s whoever said oh you’ve got a box these security guards because I said on ups and downs he has been taught how long you’ve been boxing 20 years so he’s has 20 years of I can kill people with these hands I’m a bit worried about that also I’ve got the killer instinct you have to have a killer instinct to be a fighter and now you’re asking me to pull my punch it’s not an easy thing to do it’s not an easy thing to do when you’ve been wrestling for so many years how many time do you see a rest as working punching I love a good I see all the time and be a the the biggest the saddest point of that to me was that we would just don’t get it just let people like what they like it doesn’t make a difference to you doesn’t change your life yeah resting is stupid but lots of things are stupid soap operas are stupid some films that people love a stupid it’s dumb I think the best thing about wrestling is that it’s done that’s why I enjoy it so much is that we kind of have this canvas where we can paint and create as long as everybody involved is happy you can do whatever the hell you want and we’ve seen that with some of the storylines over the years I am I happy that may young gave birth to a hand and I have talked to that question sometimes daily no absolutely not but I appreciate the fact that when it comes to Pro Wrestling is so open and it’s so creative and it’s so viable we have the option to do that should we so wish I think it’s fantastic so I became the superjet just says talk about Bo Dallas I don’t I don’t know what that means I don’t know what he’s he’s okay he’s currently struggling and a tag team with Curtis axel which sucks hopefully one day he gets used better cuz it was a very good NXT champion I thought the whole you know Bo leave stuff at one point could have been a really good heal tactic that would have survived in the main roster that’s Bo Dallas I hope he does well I saw him once I went to Wrestlemania and I went to have lunch somewhere and he was eating with his wife or girlfriend in the corner and I just thought it’s Bo Dallas it’s fun lanai DuBose always support as well and the super jet says can you do a Y video on why WWE doesn’t want hardcore fans based on Bryan Alvarez is great rant about how Finn’s disrespect fans that resonated I haven’t heard that yet I’m behind on my wrestling observer live slash Wrestling Observer radio listening but I will get to it and I will listen to it and sure lanai if it inspires me to say something I will pitch that video to what culture I kind of can already see what he he must mean though given everything that happened over the last week I think there’s a business wrestling I think in a lot of entertainment businesses there is a thought process that we don’t have to cater to our hardcore fans because they will watch anyway and fifty percent of the time you’re probably right but as we’ve seen in the past there is a tipping point and you don’t want to push them too far because they may not come back I mean wrestling fans bless their hearts are dedicated and impassioned till the end but like Ted DiBiase said everyone’s got a price and everybody will eventually get to the stage where like you know I’m just gonna take a break even more so if you’d right I know it’s under the same umbrella but if you’d rather watch NXT or a you w or you watched NWA pound you know I like this old-school vibe or you wanna watch mlw impact is actually quite decent show week to week so I understand what they’re saying we will we will we will I’ll look into it when I get around to I love Brian Alvarez his rents I mean if you know anything about me know I love Brian Alvarez gets a lot of hate sometimes online I don’t get it I think he works his audience very well and I enjoy his his his no-nonsense nature that’s what I want my listen to somebody on the radio on a podcast I want them to go nuts and he does and it’s fun and I think he believes it James s the super chat says thoughts on Moxie’s Davey last night yeah great in-ring wise of course again I think the Jon Moxley character feels like the person that Dean Ambrose always should have been crazy good in the ring that no cell in the suicide dive I enjoyed a lot was able to get round Tully’s stupidness as he should be able to I think he’ll be one of their major stars I think he will flourish to say the least and I think right now it’d be hard to say he made the wrong decision in fact I don’t think you could say he made the wrong decision I don’t see what the argument for that for that was other than money but I’m sure aw is paying him well again I think is a huge asset I think that that foursome Shawn Spears Pat Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley I think there is something in that with the right story term that could be exceptionally fun and that is what I will keep an eye out for all right cool five minutes time make sure you head over to WWE runway what culture WWE what coaching wrestling on YouTube and yeah you can check out ups and downs for aew number two I will be in the live chat as well so I’ll say hello if I see you otherwise please do check out my patron again forward slash assignment three one six link in the description below if you’re live on youtube it’s a bunch of stuff in there we can throw a dollar in it helps it really does every dollar helps you’ve heard that before but even get a postcard you can get a personalized video message you can get t-shirt and come on the podcast there’s a bunch of stuff depending on the tiers I wanted to feel like a shop right you spend more you get more it supports all my personal recently I think as I’ve been talking about it more and trying to be a better salesman cuz I’m a shit salesman but it’s basically there to support my youtube content on this channel because obviously I’m a freelancer by trade and if I want to spend more time on my personal stuff it must have turned on other work and you have to balance the books that’s all it’s there for and say with my wrestling merchandise as well I mean I started doing that because you know that’s how you make money when you’re wrestling the bookings don’t pay massively which is cool no problem with that I understand how the world works that’s there too assignment Big Cartel calm and I think I pimped enough so I became the superjet says if you were to get no way out if you were to get no way Jose over what would you do you can get my way Jose over we’ve got a Fandango over at one point I think and Adam what’s his thing Adam Rose you know Adam Rose had a certain thing to him they probably no way Jose is down at NXT was a very good opening card dude you’ll get the crowd worked up and they let him go in the ring yes guys quite athletic and then he got to row on Smackdown and we never let him do the same thing not everybody can be the WrestleMania main event dude you can just be someone with a silly gimmick that when they get in the ring out so he smashes it and put smiles on theses for people’s faces which we’ve heard before so that’s what I would do I would treat him as a hate the term at the mid card guy and put him in ICO u.s. title feuds and I’d let him be him in the ropes I’ve seen what he can do and I’d make sure that when he came out with his entourage it was silly it was fun it was an entrance that you wanted to see live again keep it simple I keep it simple the problem no way Jose is that he got called up and he lost and he lost and the last thing he wasn’t featured on TV and when that happens people just stop caring which is a massive shame but I understand that you only have so much care in your body and when it comes to wrestling you have to you have to pick and choose and that’s true the moat they’re the biggest ups and downs is double or nothing that is the most viewed ups and downs ever double or nothing you know we live in a crazy world as always thank you so much for watching if you are live on YouTube right now please do give me a subscribe it’s the lifeblood on the channel I’m slowly slowly creeping into that 100,000 don’t think we’re gonna get there this year but we can we can try I shout to Lennon actually you just donated in the you guys are linked and below that you can you can also donate he just said Simon what odds are you giving to Jurassic Express to advance in the tournament with the upcoming match with the lucha brothers after the after PP beat why be who’s pp I’ll private private young bucks I feel like anything can happen hell yeah man and that’s what you should always feel when you sit down to watch Pro Wrestling you should be like I don’t know what’s going to happen so to be honest man knowing how they’re treating the crowd knowing that lucha Brothers can probably spin off with SCU I say the jurassic express win I say Jurassic Express wins maybe we do private Piper’s who’s Jurassic Express that would have people on the fence but I think that is the cool thing that we’ve already established in aw even though you think somebody may win it doesn’t always mean they’re going to win I think you can establish that from the start and always have people second-guessing cuz even your top stars you need still need people to go on runs because that’s how you get people over you need to have momentum you can’t 50/50 that stuff but yeah if you can get people to believe even the young bucks can lose like they did it makes other matches that have nothing to do with that it gives you the same feeling so I’ll right now for me to predict say my money’s on the Lutra Express I just think that would be different fun and lucha Soros is over like Rover again make sure you head up to what coach a wrestling watch ups and downs on me for aw as always thank you for everyone it does tune in thank you for everyone in the super chat thank you to all my patrons that is how all this survives keep enjoying wrestling we’ve got Smackdown to come what the hell they’re gonna do it’s the draft little nugget of your little spoiler little prediction from Simon Miller I don’t know anything Smackdown ends with edges music playing and edge being drafted to SmackDown I’ll see you soon you

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