AEW All Elite Wrestling Dynamite Episode 2 – What Occurred (What Happened?)

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[Music] hello everyone welcome to another family with me pal original looking at AE W Zepa so – this is what occurred what occurred at eight have used dynamite episode to spray after the show if you want to help small Channel you do out in many ways you can do that by thumbs up in videos we help swing the algorithm and also do that by subscribing if you haven’t already and obviously if you listen is this on the podcast you can do that by giving us five stars on iTunes you can also do that by check out on link tree and sharing this that really helps as well or force going to fail original calm and support the channel that way as well but aew a of you tonight we had the well debut of a new faction a brand new faction and thanks to everyone for joining the chatter of Iran but I figured I would very quickly go through what went down tonight so first of all we had some great matches on the card we started off with a segment which was just kind of when turning up it was from Boston of course it sold out a lot of these shows are sold out and this show may have been preempted there was chance of this show being preempted but it went out on TNT that in this show got preempted due to the baseballs which was going on that it would be live-streamed lot similar past on truTV so you wouldn’t have to worry about it over here obviously I watched it on fight TV which is great if you watch on fight on TV thank you for TV we are there weekly giveaways every single week for a free episode for those of you outside of the cable deal see I can’t watch on the cables bring all that music that can watch on the cable side um you can definitely check it out there but let’s have a little look at what was going on on that show so we started off with first of all major tag-team action in the tag team tournament tournament and that was tag-team tournament tournament and that was the young bucks going up against a private party I didn’t mean to start white they’re going up against private party let’s see if we can get that popping up on the screen it won’t pop up right now but it was the young bucks this is private party it was a spectacular match absolutely spectacular match crack screen productions hello how you doing a jg b n3 how you doing it was it was a fan absolutely spectacular match and can we get the books on will it work well it won’t work but yet the young books versus private party great stuff absolutely fantastic wrestling the whole way through and then the surprise the big surprise everyone would have assumed that the the young books would have wanted to win this tournament for the Tag Team Championships which have been vacant and they don’t exist yet however the big surprise here the big shock was that private party actually picked up the win which I was quite surprised about I think a lot of people very surprised about and yeah private party picking up the win so private party pick up a win and they will be moving on within the tag team tournament there are several times in this still to get involved in the tournament but a great start probably party a really good young tag team Marcus Kwan good massa Marquand getting the pin there and just spectacular work from both teams probably party they already are stars they are gonna get so much bigger and really big hats off props to the young books for not taking the what would have assumed the assumed route and winning the championships so this is great they still won’t get chance to be main eventers but this is then giving to that new generation and that’s great we we ended that match with almost the melts of drivers I said the private part you win and after that match we had Jericho and the boys coming out to have a little chat and tell us what was going on Jericho cut an absolutely sick promo absolutely fantastic promo he talked about how the viewership from last week was because of him and that’s why it was one of the highest viewership of all time and he says that him and these other men have all aligned and they have themselves a new name and he explained that that new name is the inner circle he said that all these men are on his list which I thought was great and he said that all of them bring something to the table at one point they people started chanting we the people for Jake Hagar and he’s like his name is Jake Hagar and that stuff and he swore that stuff was booked by bad creative and he we don’t want to think about that anymore which I thought was great and Hagar no soul the whole thing you just said they’re whole so even though it looked like he probably wanted to laugh you know saw the whole thing it was fantastic and as he talks about then Cody Rhodes he said coming up to his match at full gear which will be happening on November 9th he said I hate you Cody I hate your whole family I hate dusty he said dusty was a jerk and he’s gonna beat the ish out of Cody and then I’m they’re gonna celebrate by having a little bit of the bubbly and the crowd loved this it was great and as he said exactly We the People sucks and it’s dead and buried it was a bad idea from Bad creative and all that’s gone and he looked like a rock star that whole team looked like rock stars now what happened which you may not have seen which went on was then they went on social media as as Jericho normally does and when Jericho went on social media he talked about these new t-shirts obviously the new t-shirts that would be the ones that they’re gonna be wearing now for as part of this new faction and the coolest thing ever happened because because of the demand for this t-shirt in such a short period of time within an hour within an absolute hour like it looks like it’s back but this was like breaking news when it happened this is the this is the image I’ll show you on their Twitter over here this is the image of that new t-shirt and it looks cool it’s got this Illuminati vibes to it I really love it and you’ve got Sami Guevara they’re former members of LAX and Santana and Tito and Jake Hager good team but they actually crashed one our T’s so they actually crashed pro wrestling T’s dot-com the second that that t-shirt was announced which is great news and as you can see still got this image up here we’ll be right back we are updating our system because because of the demand for this t-shirt the website crashed which i think is a great indication to show that they are doing great stuff great stuff and it just shows the demand for it now there looks like the t-shirts are back but but yet but that’s how powerful Chris Jericho is and how powerful and how many viewers and the viewership are they getting for this that they crashed pro wrestling tears so that was at the end of it we then had Jimmy havoc facing off against Davi Allen the winner of which would get a shot at the aew World Championship next week on eight UAW’s dynamite episode three now have a Jimmy how it caught a pretty sweet promo and as both men came out they had a wrestling match they had an actual wrestling match it was very good wrestling match actually they didn’t really go for any hardcore spots and it was the crowd seemed to have calmed down a little bit because they wanted more of the deathmatch kind of kind of feel but the match ended with Darby Allen hitting the coffin drop to pick up the win and now he will be facing Chris Jericho next week for the aew World Championship next up next laughter that we had women’s tag-team action with the team of Rijo and Rijo and dr. Britt Baker against Emmie Sakura and B Priestley now B Priestley and Britt Baker have had history of not having not getting on that well obviously they had matches at fight efest and fight for the Fallen where that concussion happened and they’ve got that in built history so they kind of went one-on-one Rijo Rijo current aew Women’s Champion tried her hardest but she was getting thrown around by B Priestley the match of course looked like there was a chance for potentially one potentially Britt Baker to come away with the win quite early on she went for the mandible claw and she hit in the mandible claw on on a-minus on sucker and on any Sakura to pick up the win and junior started saying the Priestley and Baker have extracurricular activities and he just kept they kept tripping on the WWE a little bit saying that it was themed ish it was fiendish junior was trying he’s definitely trying we then had sure coming up to for the next match which I thought might be more along the lines of a main event but it was Jon Moxley going up against Shawn Spears jon moxley had an amazing promo absolutely fantastic primer that he did on social media if you’ve seen it just beforehand where he talks about how he wasn’t damaged goods and how he didn’t care what anyone else said he was going to go out there he’s been waiting for six weeks people have been talking about what he couldn’t do talking about his health and he’s gonna come and show them but he is so much better than that and just god damn Moxley Moxley Moxley but not to be not to be caught short himself it was an amazing entrance of Shawn Spears really really good a chair and then the chairs up I always have never seen that interest before really really great entrance and Shawn Spears going up against Jon Moxley great match again it was interesting Moxley was wearing just the shorts park was on the on commentary and he was talking about how he should be gaining a chance he’s had more wins and wise and he getting a title shot there was some weird stuff happening with the audio where we couldn’t really hear Shawn Spears we couldn’t really hear Tony Blanchard when they started talking about what was gonna happen come full gear what was inhabitant moxie bit of a shame few technical issues there but you know Telugu leisure to be all the time the match was really good there was a lot of really really sick looking stiff shots Park was hilarious I see hilarious Moxley hit the what he’s calling here in a II to be the paradigm shift almost spiking him to get the victory and picked up the win against Shawn Spears but as the match ended kenny omegas music hit and at the top of the ramp kenny omega held a barbed wire baseball bat and a barbed wire broom and as he hold held them up potentially looking back at his cleaner his cleaner gimmick that we all really want to see him go back to he held the Bob Y back threw it to the feet of of Jon Moxley as both men looked like they were about to go blow to blow as Kenny Omega stood at the top of the ramp puck came from behind hit him in the head with a chair and then walked away kind of looking like the bastard that he is because that’s Park and then we had your min event and in your men event we had the team of Adam cowboy Paige and dust in the natural roads against Sammy the pan de Guevara and Chris a little bit of the bubbly Jericho Lucian piane again really good match what I love about aew is that the matches just flow they just truly do flow and watching it on fight TV there is no ad break so it’s just a two-hour show every single week and you get to see everything in the limit if happening around it and stuff they announce some dark matters just before this and she’ll talk about just before the end but a great match Dustin Rhodes hit a god damn crowd read on Jericho Adam paid flying all over the place Sammy evarro with a crazy crazy over the top rope sio moonsault and Jake Hagar was ringside Jake Hague of being ringside to kind of get involved if he needs to playing into running interference at one point he ran in and he hit a he a clothesline on Dustin Rhodes there was there was some great again great heel work from Jake Hagar being that enforces hop in there so Jake Hagar still hasn’t spoken in aw which i think is smart was really smart and the match ended with with Jake obviously as at the former LAX I’m knocking about as well Sammy Guevara looked amazing out there but as the match went on we had we had some interference loads of interference Jericho then hit the Judas affect on Jeff Dustin Rhodes and out one two three straight out and it looks really really three it looks really good looks really good Jericho picks up the win after the match post match beatdown they stopped being down on dustin runnels start being down at Adam Paige out and as they’ve been down on dustin runnels lights go out fade to black lights come back on and it’s Chloe Rhodes in the center of the Ring he starts beating on Jericho but Jericho is still numbers game table Anna page comes back in to get involved Derby Allen comes out and Derby Allen starts hitting head Blevins Darby Allen then hits hits Jericho comes down on a skateboard and then just Ali’s in his face it was great and then he hit him the skateboard a few times of course Darby Allen will be facing Chris Jericho next week at 80 W and then finally MJ f came out with a chair and he came out then it looked like maybe he was gonna get side with thee and he was gonna side with the inner circle this new heal faction but he didn’t he started with his best friend he started hitting people down with chairs and as he hit all the people down with chairs people sighs chanting MJ f MJ f Jericho and the inner circle left the ring as the faces were in the ring to kind of end the show Jericho saying I’ll see you next week Derby Island it’ll be your funeral in Cincinnati that was the show and as I said great show some technical hitches here and there with the audio but again a really great flowing show I wasn’t bored whatsoever I was really invested in the whole show and it just went like that matches of the night my match of the night will probably go to Moxie Moxie versus Spears it was a great match but also the books versus books versus private party and the women’s tag team match I’d put them all on all on quite similar level of my favorite matches but of all of them I’d probably say books versus private party because that was just spectacular now other than that I gave this show last week four out of five I’m gonna keep a debt it’s consistent four out of five the new inner circle I’m quite excited to see where they’re gonna go with this it looks NWO ish bullet clove ish like I like the Illuminati insignia someone said in the chat earlier on that it sounds like a like like a cheap band knockoff which is exactly what it should do and it just adds adds to the mystique of Jericho this is a reinvention Jericho is leading a group of wrestlers who will get a massive rub off being with him and Sammy Guevara looks like he is gonna do absolutely fantastic from this and so will I think Jake Hagar JK giving the silent enforcer type really really works for him and I would be want to see where they go with this and major props to Jericho pulling out an amazing match tonight and Dustin Rhodes so if you want help support channel you can do that in many ways thumbs up the video if you’re watching this you can subscribe to the podcast if you’re listening to this give me five stars on iTunes why not share this out as well and join us next week for a EWS what occurred episode 3 check out the Twitter at fowl underscore original for giveaways if you’re international to watch a ewd might live on fight TV and big big show thank you to fight TV for all of your help in the content creation that I’ve been able to do up to this point for aew and everything else this benneferre original thanks for listening thanks for watching see you next time and have yourselves a great evenin gays buh-byes now comes that can I do this without breaking everything game possibly possibly as always the answer possibly [Music]

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