AEW ( All Elite Wrestling ) Dynamite 10-9-19 Review and Results ” The Inner Circle”

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[Music] pure bedroom as aew dynamite explodes on TNT the second consecutive week and I just want to thank everybody out there for being a part of my inner circle and uh we’re gonna get into that we’re gonna break it down a TW dynamite tonight and I did not find myself changing the channel to NXT nope not at all I didn’t even go reach for my remote control I was stuck on a e W and I loved it and you know the pre-show that myself and Adam Litella did we discussed the matches so I already knew what was gonna be in store for the most part on aw tonight I did call it that they were going to start with the tag team title tournament with the private party going up against the young box and it was a barn burner I gotta tell you a man phenomenal matchup these teams had we’ll get into that momentarily but again the show started off pyro you had Jim Ross Shivani and Excalibur breaking down the festivities of the night the matches that we’re gonna be going down tonight and then it led into it there it is private party the bucks in the ring I mean thrills spills all of the above you name it it was there perfect to open the show and it threw me off that private party won this match and advances now on into the tag team tournament I don’t know who they’re gonna be facing is it going to be the lucha brothers maybe maybe the Jurassic Express who knows but we need to see new teams and I think that’s why IEW is doing this but I’m excited about that now moving along so I want to keep this concise to the point don’t I make this too long and overdrawn okay so here we go Jericho comes out there’s LAX there’s Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara we seen what happened last week at the end of dynamite where it was just pure pandemonium and those five guys standing tall amongst the rest of the elite and they come out and Chris Jericho at 40 years old or better I don’t even know where his exact age is cutting the best damn promos that I have ever seen him cut or anybody caught in a long time deeming himself and the four others his four peers in the ring the inner circle so this is what we see now the faction the inner circle going down in atw and man he caught a hell of a promo man they touched home okay he threw some shade oh yeah he did hey know Chris Jericho I mean controversial to say the least and at this point in his career Jericho has zero to lose the man has literally done it all in Pro Wrestling okay and even outside of Pro Wrestling he’s a wack star come on y2j Chris Jericho man so he could say pretty much do whatever the hell he wants and he doesn’t care anymore and I wouldn’t either I would not either if I was Chris Jericho but again one of the best promos I seen and then there’s Jake Hager stayed in there serious not moving he is and I said it before and I’ll say it again Jake Hager is the Brock Lesnar of aew that’s what I believe but the only difference is well Jake is gonna be a full-time athlete I mean maybe now Brock is but you know I think that Jake is here to stay that is one of the members that is one of the future of aew and we’ll get to some more guys who I think is going to be having a real bright future in aew a little bit later on but damn what a promo by Chris Jericho okay so the inner circle their faction is officially formed right there right in front of our eyes tonight on aew programming and then we move along here Jimmy havoc and Darby Allen this match the winner was gonna get a shot at Chris Jericho’s atw world title next week on dynamite and you know I thought it was a decent match nothing spectacular but nothing bad either I mean these guys you know they gave it their all there was a nice spot from the top rope with like a back suplex okay and then you know there was a moment where havoc did this nasty sleeper hold suplex to darby ala and it looked like damn he almost broke his day neck with that one uh but ultimately was Darby Allen getting the win were like some backwards full head but drop land I don’t know what you call it on top of havoc and he’s gonna be advanced in next week to face Chris Jericho for the aew world title but this is not the last that we’ve seen of Darby Allen we move on to the next match which was a damn good tag team match it was Emma Sakura and babe Priestley going up against Britt Baker DMD and of course the aew Women’s Champion real now it was a slow start at first but then things started to pick up rapidly okay bay went on the outside and just took out okay Britt Baker this is a rivalry this is a few that has been brewing for weeks now and it’s it just continues to grow in the build there was a nasty double suplex giving through Britt Baker on the outside by babe Priestley and Emma Sakura so now after that they take control the match they cut off the ring lovely I might add this was a tremendous tag-team match Jim Ross definitely called this one real with a nice crossbody from the top rope onto Sakura in BAE on the outside so kind of even things up over here right now but then you get back into the in-ring action okay Britt Baker finally gets in the ring she locks it in she locks in the good doctor to get that W okay on Sakura and Baker in Priestly they have this feud it continues even after the match I mean this is something that you can see you can see it happening they’re gearing up for full gear and these ladies should be having a match at full gear I love it I love the continuity I love what aw has been doing I love the wins in losses matter they are staying true to their word and they are building and they are laying out the foundation for us right now I mean if you look at the roster if you don’t know some of these guys and girls you are able to get to know them on a weekly basis now and AW is doing a great job just honestly a tremendous job at displaying and showing us who these stars are who these athletes are as a person as an in-ring talent and all-around okay they’re really showing us character development and I love it I love that that’s what needs to be done because again you’re trying to reach out to a broader audience you’re trying to show your audience that are not too familiar with these people who they are okay and if you’re able to do that and able to get these people over as heels or faces you’re doing something right and I think aw is on the right track I mean it’s only week two but I got to say – phenomenal shows by aew in the team kind of a weird segment with the best friends in an orange Cassidy sitting down I mean he just chillin over there man orange Cassidy with the thumbs up something out of like weekend at Bernie’s I mean the man is just cool cool breeze whoo calm and collective sitting over there doesn’t really move a muscle doesn’t like to move a muscle just smooth joke ooh and that’s it but then the lights go out and I’m like okay what what’s happening here is this dark order or whatnot and I think maybe that’s who it is and then no it was just a little awkward how they transitioned into the next match which was a damn good match probably the match of the night I might add Moxley going against Shawn Spears and Shawn Spears corner you had totally blanchard okay and he was not gonna stay quiet in this matchup okay he tried to interfere a couple different times but Moxley you know put him in his place quickly now Shawn Spears and Jon Moxley in this match this was like this was moxley’s return match okay so this is something to kind of like get him back on track and we kind of seen that it was a back and forth match it was a give-and-take a lot of outside work being done into the guard rail I mean it just is crazy move okay delivered to Moxley right before they were the commercial by Spears he had them up and some sort of like running power slam or some running fu if you will right into the guardrail vicious both men down we cut the commercial we’re coming back okay Blanchard I mean there was one point where Blanchard tried to interfere jump on moxley’s back okay master what the hell chases him but then that gives the advantage to Shawn Spears and he takes control the matchup you know match went on again back and forth commentary was perfect Moxley gets the win and then what happens after the match is the talk here it is Pok by the way was on commentary didn’t say too much but definitely said some more than bread baking it last week he was on commentary with Ross Shivani and Excalibur now I was wondering why and we found out why after this match because here comes Omega and he has a broom in a bed wrapped in barbed wire and he’s looking at both of them and then he throws the bat in the direction of Moxley as if to say here choose your weapon here it is take your weapon on god let’s fight that’s it it’s going down but before that happened here comes Pok with a chair to Omega I have no idea why and what they’re trying to do I mean you’re trying to build Omega Moxley but then Pok is now interfering like where are you going with this so hopefully the payoff is worth it i Moxley seem a little bit upset about that you know Pok went to the back omegas laid out on the floor over there I really wanted to see them to go at it again especially with some barbed wire or weapons this time and man it’s gonna get brutal and I think that full gear we’re gonna see something crazy between both of these individuals and you know Moxley this guy okay for those of you that did not know and only gnome as dean ambrose if you look past that and before that hardcore specialist okay the man just loves death matches and here he is once again able to be himself and maybe we’ll get to see it maybe we’ll see Omega and Moxley and some sort of deathmatch or whatnot now that pleases a lot of people a lot of the attitude our lovers a lot of the hardcore fans maybe not something for a mr. atom Rotella you know he likes more of an in-ring old-school style wrestling nothing wrong with that but I’ll tell you right now I think overall he’ll love that match because listen you can’t go wrong with Omega and Moxley in any capacity and then we move on to the main event and you know it’s funny because the like I said the show just it just transitions so smoothly for the most part excluding that little segment that they had going on with the best friends of whanau but I’m talking about like I didn’t even realize it was time for the main event when it was the main event so that I was happy about okay because I find myself on Monday nights dreading sometimes the match isn’t like oh man come on I just just wait just waiting for the show to be over and then people may ask you me why do you do it to yourself well I gotta cover it I got to know what’s going on so here we go again okay and you know that’s a whole other story for another episode or another day right now we’re talking aw let’s talk about the main event over here Chris Jericho Sammy guevara going up against hangman Adam Paige and Dustin Rhodes and you know they bought out a good damn point they bought a valid point about Dustin Rhodes and then hangman Paige reminded him of Barry Windham and Jericho’s there we go for starts it off again slow start to the match nice little piece they cut the ring off they were preventing Adam Paige from reaching reaching Dustin Rhodes for that high tag but when that hot tag was made we’ve seen once again how Dustin Rhodes does not age we’ve seen that this man is like the living proof that age is just the number I mean come on and his age doing what he’s doing jumping off the top rope the timing of the maneuvers the snap suplex real quick I mean come on I mean it’s crazy it’s crazy what he’s able to do in that ring I mean there was a spot when he said Jericho up for like the shattered dreams unfortunately did not was not able to do it because Jake Hagar Jake Hagar man interfere in this match it was a matter of time he was on the outside first of the clothesline to Adam page and then after the ref is down and he’s tending on the floor too I believe it was Adam Paige okay here comes Jake agarwood another clothesline to Dustin preventing that shattered dreams to go down and because of that Jericho was able to capitalize on that situation with a Judas affect to Dustin getting the win and I knew it was going to happen because I knew they work in a pin Adam page they were gonna pin Dustin and it was probably gonna be Jericho and it was okay and then it didn’t stop there I mean right after the match the brawl continued and we knew the melee was going to happen and again and I love that I love that this big melees at the end of the show leading what’s gonna happen next and and they kind of tied up all the loose ends also of this episode at the end of the show and made us and got us ready for next week and I’ll tell you how right here because as I got here in my notes hangman and Hagar they’re fighting on the outside they’re fighting all the way to the back Jericho Guevara they’re dismantling Dustin Rhodes in the middle of the Ring the lights go out Cody’s behind you fall and they turn on and my god what a vertebrae breaker if you will a crossroads that literally Guevara landed on his neck you got to go back and check this out it’s unreal it is unreal ok I thought the man was dead c7 ok c2 to c7 just completely gone obliterated with this crossroads ok and then he tries to you know defend Dustin again no avail lax comes out and then after lax is out mjf comes out so now MGF has a chair in hand and he has to make a decision and they have Cody Cody is just spent he’s over there he’s helpless he’s lifeless they’re holding him up what does em say if gonna do is he gonna hit Cody no hits LAX hits Jericho and then what does he do he poses he soaks it in the crowd is going nuts and I gotta add the crowd was on fire again the whole night and while he’s soaking in Chris Jericho takes advantage net code-breaking mjf knocking him out ok and they continue the melee but then the Bucks come out and the books trying to even the odds and they do okay and ultimately here’s Jericho trying to escape the carnage and dog he Allen with his skateboard down on the ring the hot topic special I call him right down to the ring side hit and Jericho with the skateboard ok just pummeling him the team the a team if you will standing tall at the end of the show the elite standing at the end of the show Cody Rhodes the Bucks Dustin mjf in Darby Allen okay they are playing the numbers gamer right back at the inner circle and Jericho is irate and he said next week Darby that’s it you son of a bitch you’re gonna get it and I can’t wait to see that match because you know I adore beyond is a damn good hand in the ring and personally one of the guys who I think is gonna really take this company to the next level as time progresses okay people gotta get to know they got to get to know him and in other individuals like Adam Paige and whatnot a little bit more let them become a household name and I promise you they will deliver okay just like I do and I told you guys and girls listen I’m not trying to toot my own horn over here but I’ve called a lot of things since January and I’ve said it I said once this organization comes together we’re gonna see real competition and it’s here real competition is here okay ATW dynamite second to none and you know again I’m not gonna knock other organizations I’m not gonna knock mlw I’m not gonna knock Friday Night Smackdown because you know what I think Smackdown did deliver a pretty damn good show WWE is up in their game right now this is the best time to be a wrestling fan or be involved in the pro wrestling business and you just need a soak it in and enjoy it as far as aew goes aw dynamite another explosive shell I was happy about it I want to know what you guys are girls think please comment below subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already you could follow me on the IG at taking home TV and also on Twitter at J hag seven one nine sjh a GG seven one this has been another recap of aw 9 am i I’m gonna see you next week Jimmy J here take it a lot more coming your way stay tuned this week for the take it on TV episode and I got some special confirmation news coming in stay tuned for that there’s a ton going on in pro wrestling and you guys are girls are now gonna be a part of my inner circle thank you very much I’ll see as we ring that bell are the pro wrestling business it on aew

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