ACL Millennium 40: A Plus Ultra Win!

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you to the fridge straight to the face the bones break and I’ll take it as much as you can see [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] with the aftershock of Bexar impacts still radiating through millennia we welcome you tonight to a co millennium 40 L Bradley James at your service for this evening s we get simple one hell of an oven after shock for millennia as we not only have new tag team champions but we have a new millennium champion tonight ladies and gentlemen and with this lady into pop to victory it’s only setting to heat up from here especially given the circumstance about what’s happened to give way it seems as though it ceases though we are not going to be wasting any time here definitely seems like we’re not wasting any time to hear from the new millennium champion as he s indeed the boyhood dream as indeed come true for this boy Vittoria Ezzor COO is now our world champion having cashed or traded in double idiot traded in that fight for the right opportunity honorable lady of championship match at max of impact and successfully managing to take the belt from Ranma sitar vain and considering what happened on that night Vittoria is who you condemn safely cleave the fur that was once held by Ranma sitar Vey and it seems as though we’re gonna be hearing for the whole dearth for the new holder of that golden belt tonight and ceases low midori a zoo crew is putting the challenge to anyone tonight to come out and put themselves in front of him in don tile action tonight the boy is definitely put himself out there in terms of his first night as champion and it seizes though we’re getting separate another up for no amazing start to the evening as with that announcement ladies and gentlemen not only that but we’re gonna be simple is action as wisely 1/4 of team rwby is going to be in action up against Clementine one part of the determinants in this opening contest now as we older ladies a job and why Steve Weiss Schnee alongside team Ruby recently won the lion a recently bought it recently beats yandere just last week at maximum impact to face up to get a chance at one of their titles asked pop at pop to victory and now they seem to have now they have a choice between the Lyoness Tag Team Championships or the solostar championship and please bow for those ladies of Java it seems as though that they have quite they have quite the choice now that they can choose from that regard in terms of fe that we’re gonna be seeing right here tonight it ceases though Clementine what par letters her evidence is looking to make a clear statement up against wifey up against the snow white against the princess of snow in a sense but you can definitely tell as the air starts to get a bit smoky around her tonight and Clem is looking to make a clear statement and a clear impact given the fact that she alongside Ellie have definitely bit of an absent as of late and on that front as well you can definitely make the assumption that given the opportunity tonight up against twice that this is definitely a big time opportunity for both women involved considering all that tonight it’s going to get hectic at this opening contest for the evening you have to imagine that considering what we’re about to be in for as well that club is gonna be letting it all on the letting it completely loose against weiss tonight I mean Weis is still technically bitter green Lord s sense considering everything that has been going on with her and team ruby has a place you’ve got to imagine if for a bite is definitely going to be in its head ice as this opening contest gets set to go [Applause] [Applause] and here we go ladies and gentlemen Oh legs setting it up very well with a punch right there but wait bra will look like them what so no early roll up just like that right onto right there on to Kevin Wiese it’s just going to list it I mean we saw up a dancer said that Weis kid definitely go at maximum impact when she was apartment when she was a part of her team a part of that match alongside Steve Ruby but you’ve got to wonder if that’s going to translate well it’s a solo competition right here tonight up against Clem Clem not taking not taking any time to let Weiss to bleed at this point shoving her right into the quarter and now wave it up reverse so maneuver right there just just jug starting her right onto the ropes they’re kicking her right there land up wasting a he’s not allowing her to even have that room to breathe Ebert shoving her right into the court show you’re right into that quarter without head footing of it no whites reversing galvanic shoving love it to the quarter as well and trying to pull dogger but no setting Weiss right to the corner no LED revert killing her first at the knees and wait a minute Weiss say they go up Oh with that ice with that modified brushes legs sweet just like that modified Russian legsweep setting Clem down and now picking her up now and waving scoop slam better but no clad girl out of it you have to allow you to know it realistically ladies a Javad Weiss is definitely showcasing a reference as a solo competitor right here tonight op against Clem and you definitely have to think that she’s definitely going to be putting it all the light up against different wait a minute what on earth is she doing oh jesus just working the arms branch of those ropes and I’ll wait a minute what does she do it Oh fucking heels other boot what the fucking heels of her shoes right into the face of Clementine there that is got to be paid for that has got to be painful and now Clem slowly gonna back in at this point I doubt it wise but no arm drag right there setting whites back down now why snow Oh clamp not allowing a klepto allowed herself to go to hell like that and as I say that leg could be in trouble once again putting the heels of her shoes while jump burn a Clementine there and now rebounded off the ropes now whatever she got no Japanese on track just like that and now Oh kicking her right into the chest and OH putting those educated feeds a good use at home Oh mark it righto right there my Clementine from out of nowhere and that belly-to-belly suplex belly-to-belly suplex and now Clem you’re gonna put the final cut no wife’s not allowing it now and now wait a minute our track no reversed it just like that and that Irish whip adore right into the quarter now now twice like with no kicks reversed makes a Clementine from her kicks on to Columbus I reverse but no why still allowing it and oh wait a minute setting or down onto the floor now Oh legs sweeper too damn just like that and that’s adding Glenn back up at this point and I’ll wait I’m finished fluid to all around the work with the pop-up DDT with that tilt-a-whirl DDT I should say sorry and now wait a minute say it up once again for that sister cross face their fastest across face plebs are wait for the ropes and clip management and weiss managing to bake clip chop out just like that and Weis making short work out of Clementine right here I’d like to start off this startup this show tonight definitely trying her best and definitely put again one hell of an opener here tonight in showcasing a reference tab well against Clementine tonight’s and the questioned our mates give it everything that’s been going on with this victory of the victory of Max of impact what the hell is team Ruby’s future going to beat Hogwarts with the title opportunity and especially given the breakout performance right here but why she in the circuit in contest you have to imagine that chief ruby has to be paid has to be seriously thinking about who they are going to be facing off against in the near future with that opportunity now Jesus oh wait this year’s earnest hockey is she’s just Iook down at Weiss she’s just I dunno why Steve we all know exactly what what happened at Max of impact between these two and we all know that Weiss basically brought heard up against them oh she’s asking for her to come on if Weiss oh.why steering shield right there right up right up right there just like that’s a no Isis not holding back here with that I think we might have an idea as to her chief Ruby has made their up assure you the words at home setting it right down into the side of sheer insanity there hey Rossi I get the feeling we might know who chief ruby has made that up who’s made their opportunity for and Weiss not wasting any more time going right for it Oh God and setting shioda up again and OH putting those kicks down into place at all setting she go down again and just like she did with Clem she’s putting she yard into that cross face now she’s putting clipped she’s putting shield right to that cross face and she’s making a clear-cut statement that she is ready and raring to go and not only that but I think we’d out no hoochie ruby is putting their championship against [Applause] select a seven I wonder what the fight was get it break1 did it holy s just like a pest fights around a corner part of it but when you want one represent you will go head-to-head with your phone for what you got it right up front but you gotta bow to everyone everything in your hands your controllers this is Maddie you better so you better make the right fit [Music] seven-six what seven-six three two one one where back here on millennium ladies and gentlemen and after that Vaizey opening contest was set for tag-team actually going forward as a legendary defenders Keith and Lance Ruby tanki gone against will be going up against deep well the newer tag teams to come tell you breathless season in brave Vesperia now over the past few months it definitely has been a little bit it has been a little bit of a downward slope in a sense will the legendary defenders ever since ever since split up upkeep and Paige earlier this season and even then Paige’s performance as a blade has definitely been on kind of a slant as a plate so you can definitely tell you can definitely tell that’s a night keep it Lance definitely are going to be putting their a gay forward to put themselves forward for that type of opportunity to put themselves they’re just up there stalks in a sense if that’s ugly it definitely has felt a little bit stagnant for this considering both of those men considering who they’re going up against it is definitely in favor for a posterior as well because for breakfast Perea especially as well they have a lot to prove in their mind as well because you can definitely tell if if they maneuvers and it definitely how they fit on here as a place that they have a lot to prove in terms of their stocks all the millenia brand as well so for this especially they definitely need a big type of win tonight nevertheless we’re gonna get set for this giant Eve match coming up now Keith and keep and URI starting off the birth teams and now sees as though URIs taking the advantage of a headlock right on to keep a keep attempting to reverse out of it this shove they get round to the rope sit down Oh Billy Billy Billy – Billy German suplex right there by keep it down going time and Del Rio to the elbows keep putting keep putting that hybrid so I went to use my URI very much a brawler in a sense definitely would need to keep Keith grounded because ever has given the circumstances give it everything that’s been going on as a place you definitely need to make sure both of these teams definitely need to make sure they keep themselves in a state where they can keep themselves where they can essentially just make sure that both sides are still in Schenck and you can tell all the space a keep right there and he’s keeping himself focused at this point he’s dragging it and he’s dragging URI in today corner now and Lance being tagged in still early all of this still very early on in this match now wave it off crossbody right aunt crossbody Brown to your browser URI is from bursted out Lance he’s shoved right into the worst day I went off be a flapjack just like that get flapjack just like that and out off the ropes a towel I have her slipping it there and now way that I’m not a flapjack this time last be a flapjack once again and now wait a minute Irish whip they give off the works well most of all what at elbow hard-hitting elf around to Lance and now lid being tagged it at this point the nice of gray post area and he tagged it at this point did not wait a miss setting up Lance into place and now vertical suplex hitting the target Ron – Lance you can definitely see the cup the camaraderie between both EURion Flint and their dynamic style in a sense definitely putting the style the night of the style of a brawler together very technical very brawler esque from birth from Flint as well but he definitely has a very technical ability to him as being demonstrated right here tonight and now Flint Oh Lance reversely out of it and OH superkick right the hell out of nowhere right there by Lance and now he’s just circling around fled making the tag right there to Keith he free himself back he died now Flynn being set up once again at that weight of it no leave reversing out of it and now waving pop-up pop-up DDT just like that whiticus putting his technical ability to good use right there I think of so bright into a place at home saying himself all right back down again and now wait a minute oh Jesus orchid ethical torquing that are just like matching that way to base I ever keep iris whipping please I know Flynn with a suck with that’s with the sto right for the core or and now we’re gonna make the tag and now making the tag right there looking at Ryback the tank makeevka allow it keeps single-handedly try to make sure the tag does not get made but as you can see right there Flynn Flynn continuing to make certain that let’s hag is attempting to get paid back eternal still attempting to weasel out that every give a turn and now they’re just giving up and making the tag regardless juries in indeed right to the head Yuri trying to make sure Keith does not get the tag to Lance now and now somewhat no sidewalk slam to died and now keep saying it up for this buck with those mighty kicks right to the chest and now said I give up her to give it up place for the Roundhouse pin I’ll head right there one no only on one count only on one count on tu wreath chief know like did well he needs to make sure wait a minute he go keep getting he getting a hard hit for his troubles and wave it though um no and no keep looking to set him up again and now through tag Yuri to the quarter looks as though they’re ready to put him into place keep setting it up and here we go mighty roar boy Oh trying to go for the pair but Flint immediately breaking it up mighty war 2.0 still done enough to put down you realist in this case Oh Titanic superkick right there my lids busting open Yuri low and now Yuri trying to fight back as much as he possibly can Irish whipping into the quarter no cross body right into the corner at this point it’s basically a case Oh Lance is just taking complete control at this point let’s take a complete control of this match at this point and now into the quarter making the tag once again oh wait a minute don’t tell me they’re gonna go for a second time [Applause] and now Yuri just just going right down right over Yuri keep going right over you his body at this point and Yuri seemingly might be in a spot of trouble he might be to make the tag he made needs to make the tag right there though getting a second wind getting a second wind right there on to Yuri but right they have a hurry on to Keith and now setting himself up here but it gets into place twin way right there by Yuri its width wave right there auxiliary and now wait a minute Murray dog and now way Ennis keeps setting its sights into place but no oh lid Shifu launched into the fray and it looks as though that we may have something advised for he may have something in mind for Keefe and now looking to put him into the quarter now but is he about to set it up wait a minute yes making this hack right there to URI again are they gonna set up for the brightest star in the night sky the brightest star the night sky and URI setting it up into the place ready he’s about to put chief up heavenly plain twig heavenly blade wig set in keep down the combination of the brightest star that I’d sky and the heavenly blade wing right there by yury one – hey and ray fusteria gonna get one hell of a win here tonight a much-needed win against the legendary defenders I mean say what you will say what you will about how this went through and how this all happened but let’s be honest let’s be honest right now brevis Perea needed a big wind like this and with the way that they want it as well they have proven themselves as to be one formidable team or the millenia roster right here tonight but Flynn and Yuri this is why the hell of a big leap of hope at least been and considering this massive wind it can only go up from Bray posterior going forward but ladies a Joe and we have certainly not done right yes at night it seems as though with this one the hello a victory in place like them a brave Masseria we have complete wait hold up hold up please gentleman I would say we’d be going for a commercial break right now that sees us low although frame espera are leaving the ring we’re about to be introduced Pike seizes though work oh damn it no here we go [Applause] ladies and gentlemen there was one big event that happened at maximum impact that’s really shook the foundations of this brand quite possibly to one person’s course I’m actually two events inhabited there but they all took place over the course of what batch we saw the return of Beckenbauer d-die as the history tag partner book team go to Goro but not only that we saw the return of who yahiko crews are you the ultimate Yakuza and as you can see right here he’s at the front with the bad dragons curio cazzo agora machi by the former millennium tag-team champions who lost the titles to the Asura night sky at porca just recently at that same event and as you can see right here tonight lore and curio helped the assaults the absolute mugging of NECA Barney died at that same event and as you can see right here the ultimate Yakuza leading to of the most dangerous Yakuza in all of Persia in all of virtual wrestling Pike might possibly in all the rows of virtual wrestling as well as in that native land of copper archers social boring [Music] it’s a nice all three of these dangerous Yakuza are in the same rate together and through your eco Cruiser EU is leading them both to the ring this union is frightening to say the least but it doesn’t necessarily not make sense but a Caesar serves at night we’re actually going to get an answer as to what the hell is going on between this union let’s weed these free bed and I can see it for the look at for your Giga cruiser whose face that we’re about to get an answer as to what the hell is going on here very shortly he’s specifically asking for a bike here so it seems as though we’re about to get some kind of answers what the hell happened at maximum impact of why these free are together [Music] considering the declaration of war by fuyuhiko Cruiser EU neck about need I better be ready for war up against these free bed considering what happened at Max of impacts [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] we are back yo millennium ladies and gentlemen as we get set feel they know that of the evening as being a company to the replay all vices your blue bow letting of champion Vittorio a zoo group he put the challenge out earlier tonight for anyone anyone in the back who wanted to face off against him improve themselves work birth themselves ready to get a shot at the millennium title to come out here and face off against him tonight what of what he basically called out like an open shallow shallow roster and considering the circumstances about what happened at back so the fact the kid is riding a high like nothing else and the kid not only was to prove it to himself that he is worthy of holder that belt but he is also worthy of defending it against anyone so the question is well that’s my answer ladies and gentlemen I get the feeling we’re gonna be a board at a hell of an ending match here tonight affirm a defense as what a half of the digi tested in Thai Kabir is looking to face off against huh against midoriya here tonight for a shot at that title well not necessarily a shot at the title per se but I basically just give why the hell of a showcase and lose that tie can essentially go for a shot that that felt because at the end of the day this is a non-title match that Midori has putting it on for this is a non-title match here tonight but Bataille Kabir if he can successfully get a big-time win over midoriya years that I could translate to our palladium championship match down the line but lazy Jove and this is your main event matauri a zoo crew versus tie could be a both make getting ready to go and the Bell asthma drug and as you can see right there Burke Bangor for that call overtime to start off midoriya wave it dormitory in a bad place tie shoving him up the ropes and rebuilding music that athletic ability of superkick tonight but midoriya Bach and runner right there on to tie Kabir and he’s riding at a good high right now he’s feeling good about itself but tied no tie wait a minute no vitória getting the hell out the way once again so it’s of a reverse DDT setting down tie and the two of those men true and Byrd for these been right here bow tie and midoriya definitely have a very good high-flying athletic ability here and the stylist we the auto targeting superkick reading rebounded off the ropes at short range of a distance there maggiore have basically showcasing that his skills right here tonight against one of the biggest day ones on this roster in tyka via you’ve got to remember despite the high Flay despite all the experience between both of these bed midoriya definitely needs to keep himself balanced he needs to keep sure he’s to make certain that anything that he’s going for in this match against AI is calculated very well because time has been here like I said since day one in the company he was literally here on the first night of the company Oh hard to the ground I was right there by Tyson again like I said he’s been cc’d at all he’s seen all the tips and tricks that he’s seen everything that people like himself and people like midoriya have done so in a circumstance like this he definitely needs a big that he has a lot of what midoriya is planning to get sorted and what Metiria is thinking about doing all well and good at all unchecked so you’ve got to think but with most parts that he is just i doubt and just calculating every move that victoria is making at this point and as you can see on leg tracks right there and now way there’s no standing move spring board move the salt right on to material and now vitória looking to be in a bit of spot of trouble at this point all Mike looking on the outside right there and it sees its own table Oh courageous brunch splash to die courageous frog splash tonight is a trump kick sitting right back down and as you can see Victoria definitely not wasting a single second of his time of this match knowing that it is all serious and it’s all business when it comes down to both of these bed here tonight zoria looking down from the top of the rope right there full counting buchelli tonight and now and now tonight women no spring forward tonight again no mood soak the guy boot soles and a go double Rousseau’s right there by abbot aria and now going up top just what the hell oh body splash right there by Victoria reversed just like that and that wait a minute no ty reverse say that again ty reversing that one more time and that way if it’s high looking down the outside but wait a minute here we go once again sunset flip powerbomb right to the outside and now she’s upping midoriya right back in and now way to its springboard springboard right onto the inside just like that just like that again and now wave it no midoriya going right back to the well going back to the will once again but way of its high not allowing even a moment to go double a bit but Rory I’ll break it out of it Vittoria break it out of this best as he possibly can and now wait up this notorious chuffing Davis away and now I ever swiftly give away at this point now midoriya setting himself up pretty much pumping himself up at this point setting himself ready and raring to go almost he’s just attempting to just keep himself as much now but here we go Davis once again pumping itself up a gourd old forest doing all little this at this points and now here we go go for the rolling courage right there on to vitória and now going up top down here we go courageous frog splash hitting the target no but wait a minute wait a minute all might seemingly trying to break it up here see vaguely trying to make it if they’re easier one so seemingly coming through the aid right there of Vitoria and midoriya down trying to fight back with that opportunity as much as he possibly can and as you can see he’s going up top he is going up top down and OH springboard against going for that went for the decoy smash just like that Detroit smash just like that right Audrey but or cry out sweet eye and now he’s looking to put her away with no food cowling tonight who cowling to die just like that enough stomping away right onto the legs just like that and now Oh midoriya with the reversal just like that and now pumping himself up continue way to go here and now it seems a vittoria trying to fight back again fighting back with a so a stupid kick right to the face now ragging tie right to the middle of the ring again what on earth does he have in store for tie it ceases their tie certainly isn’t down for the count just yet toy looking to put midoriya over to the top go go to the outside once again strip sunset flip our ball right to the outside again now wait a minute go to nighing it again denying it again and Oh Annie off the top of it right over the top of the rock Oh round ass hitting the target right odd to midoriya oh and a fourth strike and getting a bit more technical even though maggiore reversing out of it down Midori reversely out of it and now picking up try but no tie break a guy’s way right out of there and wait a minute and DDT snap DDT right onca midoriya as well you can tell for the look of both of these men wait a minute ties looking on the outside and all oh my god miss the target entirely missed the target entirely of Midori I hid all my mistake and in midoriya just saw that and he’s not happy in the slightest even my accident right in front of materia Getty putting all my in danger is basically asking for trouble a scrub must satura bait what happened at max of impact and he just hooked them fuck out over that head wait a minute now heís just pumping himself up pretty rare to go and outside just waiting there right there for midoriya and just taunting away taunting away continuing to go waving Oh flipping us tea oh just like that and now going up top we’ll see you’re forced to write just brought splash vitória kick it out there Vittoria kicking out of that again you have to imagine considering everything in front splashing again you have to imagine considering everything that we are seeing midoriya still fighting on after that going up top wait a minute what does he go what does he go to mind and now wave it here we go once again setting tape setting tonight right into the quarter again now going up top again it has he cut off not her food cowling it’s stuck has he got a food cowling isn’t it stopped just like that Oh cowling it’s the mark [Music] and now going for the pin looking to put it away WOD so ray and midoriya putting in one hell of a wind up against high time gonna get a vest Civ victory put again a vests if match up against vitória but given the circumstances about what was it played here tonight given everything we just saw it was no contest considering everything that midoriya putting date putting ty away with one big victory tonight was no accident and materia a su crew in his first – champion putting in a big time victory oh wait what the hell well is that who the hell is that what the hell they do an attacking Victoria like that hey hey wait a minute wait a minute getting weren’t getting where this or who that is oh all Jesus Christ now it makes sense now it makes sense now it makes sense that’s where your guy he became Ryoga Hibiki as in the former rival of rod masseter bang I think we all can put two and two together as to why he’s attacking midoriya here tonight and oh jesus oh god setting up matauri ahead oh my god [Music] vertical suplex right off those ropes a bright back hit a feat of strength like that of Jesus Christ not just Jesus rust and he’s not done all Jesus Christ Ryoga basically putting in revenge Padma considering what happened at Max of impact and he is just embarrassing and he’s assaulting midoriya isuzu on his first night as millenium champion because of course he would do that and oh my god ugh Jesus Christ no Jesus Christ go and wait a minute Oh shoving it right off the ramp there and Oh God look at who’s waiting for him at the very top of the ramp get it of course we all know he’s waiting for it at the very top of the ramp there Ranma sense her made the perfect the king of saw her based on the former millennium champion wake up just watching at the top of the ramp there and as you can see right oh Jesus sitting at muppet is all like God and Ryoga basically embarrassing and assaulting Victoria like that oh Jesus dog no come on Ryoga we looking for fuck’s sake Oh like guys do it again he’s throwing up a nuvaring Gatto ramp as well onto the ramp rounds a stage Jesus Christ we got basically just putting out midoriya round two that read at all Jesus Christ Victoria is just laid out and here comes Ron but enjoyed to join up with Ryoga and he’s just dragging him further up to the top there he’s just dragging and midoriya forever up to the top of the ramp Burpo the Bhutanese better just standing over the current millennium champion like a god damn mugging they just before the fucking bugging out here tonight as revenge for what the hell happened at maxsa of impacted on Jesus wife this disgusting piece of shit and even without his title it seems as though the king still has his courts I guess the dojo is open and dojo souther Bay has now come to millennium

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