6 game-changing final draft picks: WWE List This!

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the WWE drafted superstar shake up are some of the most exciting nights on the WWE calendar in total we’ve seen 12 drafts and lotteries hosted since 2002 you remember the best first overall picks like the rock and Seth Rollins but do you remember the best final picks immediately after the beast Brock Lesnar debuted in dominant fashion on the night of the first WWE draft in 2002 mr. McMahon looked to make a splash for Smackdown but a Ric Flair revealed that the Chairman tried to leapfrog him in the draft Flair drafted Lesnar to raw prompting a back and forth over the brand alignment of Mark Henry reigning European champion William Regal and hard for champion maven Flair end of the draft by selecting the exciting and promising Lita the dummy to be Hall of Famer was the first woman chosen in the televised portion of the draft every person in WWE is eligible in a draft lottery and that was proven in 2004 Eric Bischoff had a rough night for all losing both Triple H and Rob Van Dam Bischoff and Smackdown general manager Paul Heyman bicker back and forth all night but Bischoff had the last laugh with the final selection of the night Bischoff actually acquired Heyman who put on the spot the 2005 draft lottery blade out over the course of several weeks it kicked off with Smackdown losing WWE Champion John Cena without the WV champion Smackdown was forced to host a six-man elimination match for a new title JBL won but before the Texan could be crowned general managers Fedor lon came out and introduced the final pick of the 2005 lottery the World Heavyweight Champion Bautista the 2008 draft lottery ended with another 15 superstar battle royal as edge eliminated John Cena to receive the final picks for Smackdown and SmackDown if the jackpot acquiring WWE Champion Triple H the game and the rated-r superstar became bitter rivals in the months that followed like when Triple H interrupted edges wedding to the Cabrero to reveal that edge had a thing for a wedding planner Alicia Fox the brand extension ended in 2011 but the split returned in 2016 with Stephanie McMahon leading Raw and Shane McMahon taking over Smackdown live as commissioners the final pick went to the blue brand on the WWE Network strap Center live and that selection was a steal as Smackdown received future miss money in the bank and SmackDown a Women’s Champion our melon Smackdown continued their draft steals the following year by acquiring one of the greatest groups in WWE history the new day the trio of Kofi Kingston Big E and Xavier woods captured the SmackDown Tag Team titles on four occasions since joining the brand plus if it weren’t for this trap Kofi might never have achieved his dream at WrestleMania by capturing the WWE Championship it will be the last superstar to change France tonight let us know in the comments below until next time thanks for watching

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