5 Things AEW Wrestlers CAN DO BUT WWE Wrestlers ARE FORBIDDEN From & Vice Versa!

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[Music] the battle lines between WWE and aew bin Tron and everyone seems excited while the war may be between NXT and aw dynamite it’ll still be a riveting battle between the two the highlight of this rivalry has already been characterized with talent movement while WWE didn’t sign any ad to be town yes they did make moves by signing the likes of Bushido and a ewr led by former WWE town in Cody Rhodes as well as tidal and routine Ambrose and Chris Jericho Dillinger and Ambrose now go by Shawn Spears and Jon Moxley respectively at Nevel or pact in this group you can see a preference for a W yet at the same time you can see WWE stars like Seth Rollins and AJ Styles that have chosen explicit sides and have been signing extensions to maximize their stay into BW e why is there such a disparity when it comes to opinions on which place is better to work and which one is worse well we’re here to settle it by bringing you the difference in how they live and this is wrestling hub today we’re talking about five things WWE’s town can do with JW’s cannot and five things at UW’s Town can do which WWE’s cannot [Music] as a private company that don’t have any sponsors nor stakeholders to answer to ATW chose a TV classification that fits pretty well aw TV and paper views will be tv-14 the same classification the WWE head to the attitude and ruthless aggression arrows this is why John Cena can rap a sexual joke Sam stone Colton the rock could bleed everywhere apart from the scope of violence the one thing it allows aew talent to do more freely is use more mature language in their promos there won’t be any suffering succotash son but could be so many more colorful four-letter words in the world this makes the atmosphere for a new stone cold like figure to emerge which aew can grow with more likely for example guys like Jon Moxley will probably fit better on a TV program if he’s genuinely a loose cannon tearing us from the first point IEW stars will get to write their own promos as opposed to having a creative team filled without him touch soap opera writers helping them while WWE do have an excellent writing staff that has to work around too many interferences the power of what is set in character growth is within the hands of the wrestlers naaw some of these people are creative geniuses and can probably sell themselves with no issue while some wrestlers in the WWE like John Cena Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan are given the leeway to say whatever they want on the mic this is a luxury very few get even other top names like Roman reigns and Ages style stealth to follow the scripts when they are written for them writing their own promos will help aew wrestlers put their genuine personalities in the show rather than shoehorning them into a forced gimmick [Music] WWE is a bizarre place sometimes and one of the bizarre stories that comes out of the company is how it adores banning certain terminology plenty of internal memos and these banned words have been leaked to the Internet we’ve seen vince mcmahon outlaw multiple words including pro wrestling instructing everyone to strictly refer to the show as sports entertainment on top of that you can’t refer to a championship or title as a belt ATW is a pretty progressive wrestling promotion so trust them not to be as asinine enough to ask the wrestlers to not say certain words which have little to no consequence they’ve branded themselves as professional wrestling leaving WWE to take these sports entertainment mantle Vince McMahon doesn’t even want fans to chant one fall after the announcers say this contest is scheduled for one fall [Music] ATW have shown one thing in their first year of existence and that is that they will let their talent be happy as long as they work with the company and not against it while WWE calls their talent independent contractors they aren’t allowed to take any non WWE wrestling bookings and even podcast or media appearances have to be approved by the WWE before a wrestler commits to it one example of WWE stopping this is when wrestlers were not allowed to be on Chris Jericho’s talk as Jericho podcast after his defection – aw aw have been working with their talent and allowing them to wrestle on certain shows and this includes jon moxley’s g1 car max run and even the lack of consequences for pack after his refusal to drop a match to hangman page because of the commitments to Dragon Gate I’m sure if any wrestler and 8uw got an outstanding opportunity to wrestle somewhere W would try to see if it’s possible rather than just flat-out saying no and suspending the town for bringing this up [Music] from what the four previous points have laid out the fifth point is a natural conclusion if you’re in aw you’re going to get a lot of chances to further your career based on you and how talented you are fans have started to see through what the company wants and now the talent holds more power to influence wrestling than ever WWE still keeps the power to experiment beyond too many creative barriers this could be why Bray Wyatt took a year off before debuting as the fiend and why he had to work on this character for over five years aw talent could arguably experiment with their careers in future more because the company has placed power to further themselves in their own hands while aw did push hangman page a little too hard fan discontent with him caused them to give the title to Jericho instead what did we get from this they are pushing agendas they’re pushing the best characters Jericho got himself as an atw entity and got his reward experimentation is the biggest factor here one thing is for sure no one can outsell WWE however many jokes you want to make about how atw a t-shirt company it’d be a cold day in Titan towers the day they outsell WWE merchandise the company has multiple merchandising options for over 100 wrestlers on the roster from NXT to 205 Live and to the main roster every character you see the same sort of merchandise available WWE is also fairly generous and handing out the money they make from merch with the wrestlers getting a fair amount this might never be possible in aw as per SM T’s just cannot outsell the Dibby Dibby we shop along with all their subsidiary stores and countries all over the planet for example the WWE has a type with one of the leading sellers in the 18 to 30 demographic in India and have been making amounts of money just from the one country which aew cannot do just yet [Music] WWE is mainstream if you see the most popular programming before a big WWE show you’ll always see a WWE Superstar on the show plug in their pay-per-view this can be the Miz plugging SummerSlam on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel or John Cena playing a game with Jimmy Fallon on a show while talking about the upcoming shows the mainstream appeal of the WWE is one that has been built over 50 years and cannot be undone by aw the goodwill the media gives you by virtue of being a WWE Superstar is absolutely insane in this moment a casual would probably be able to recognize a mid card WWE superstar like Elias more than they would be able to recognize someone like Shawn Spears even if Spears gets more recognized by a casual fan it could be because of his work as ty Dillinger this is an obvious one but WWE have the capacity to flex their financial muscles more than aew can clearly because aew is not generating regular revenue like WWE they’re backed by a rich owner and he’s not going to unload everything he owns into the company Vince McMahon may be a billionaire on his own but his company has generated and continues to generate sums of money that a ewz owner will never be willing to put in this is why many stars keep residing with WWE even if you’re a WWE Superstar not doing anything on TV and just sitting at home you might get a regular hefty paycheck while of course atw is giving great salaries to the sustainability of being in the WWE and making that much money is different WWE could just casually offer the revival a contract worth half a million dollars when they haven’t even been consistently booked as an upper mid card threat and then you add merchandise and media appearances and that makes you a ton of money we can split hairs about this being good or bad while it does suck for continuity in the program it must be great for the beneficiaries of WWE’s random booking so many month-long sensations have arrived in the WWE and it’s mind-boggling be it when they actually liked rusev when he was a little too green or them pushing vladimir kozlov who actually ended up being a pretty great comedy act WWE pushes everyone in short and that amount of uncertainty must not feel the best to work around this is the company that sacrificed stars like Bray Wyatt after just two weeks of being a WWE Champion four failed projects like Jinder Mahal Mahal a career under car Tom became WWE Champion over one of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE in Randy Orton in the past we’ve seen many get these pushes like the affirmation Kozlov and Umaga it makes them a temporary start but that always comes at the expense of a talent like Jeff Hardy while Hardy is definitely more solid the hype around the others causes WWE to make these mistakes creating a volatile and uncertain backstage environment this is definitely something that is a good thing that WWE does while aew also does this by donating all of their money made from pipe for the fall into organizations that are working with the victims of gun violence it doesn’t even come close to what – b2b we does the WWE are notorious for having a massive goodwill presence and one that feels genuine and not PR driven Stephanie McMahon is known to be sensitive to issues especially those pertaining to kids this means that she has started initiatives like Congress cure for children with cancer or be a star their anti-bullying campaign WWE talent give more opportunities to share goodwill with the society primarily because the platform they get is massive and – this tribute to the Troops and Susan G Komen WWE will blow you away with their charitable acts like dynamite and these were five things WWE talent can do which 80 W talent cannot and five things that AAW talent can do which WWE cannot I hope y’all having a great day thank you so much for watching and I will see you later in the next video [Music]

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