12 WWE Wrestlers Released (Fired) in 2014: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

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[Music] what is going on guys it is wrestling Mia here back with another video just before we get into the video don’t forget to like or dislike the video subscribe turn on notifications and leave a comment down below 2014 was a crazy year for debatably Daniel Bryan provided much of the year’s biggest lasting image as his popularity skyrocketed with his yes movement culminating and winning the WB World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania xxx Brock Lesnar did the unthinkable when he shocked the wrestling world by breaking the Undertaker’s streak 21 and 1 and after years of being won at WCW smoky star sting finally showed up in the WV and even though his run wasn’t the greatest his debut will still be remembered as one of the biggest moments in WV history but some unintentionally shocking moments were also added to the 2014 timeline which included the release of a whole number of WB superstars On June 12th where 11 WB wrestlers were all released in one day some were big superstars who were on top of their game and others were rising but what happened to them did they make a name for themselves elsewhere or did they give up wrestling entirely well let’s find out in today’s video where we look at 12 wrestlers released in 2014 and where they are now number one Evan Bourne borns last television appearance was actually way back in January 2012 following his TV appearance he was suspended for 60 days due to his second wellness policy violation and in March 2012 was unfortunately involved in a car accident that broke his foot in four places and dislocated it in five it wouldn’t be until March 2013 that he would make his return to face Sami Zayn at an NXT live event and defeated him instead of bringing him back on the main roster Bourne was sidelined and eventually released a year later on June 12 2014 after his WB release he continued to wrestle on the independent circuit under his previous ring name Matt Seidel he made appearances in dragon gay Ring of Honor new japan pro wrestling and pro wrestling guerrilla where he’s still occasionally wrestled in September 2016 however he was arrested in Japan at Kansai International Airport under suspicion of marijuana smuggling he pled guilty to carrying 2.12 grams of liquid marijuana hidden in his jacket and accepted three years probation as his sentence before returning to the US in December as of April 2017 he returned to Impact Wrestling number two ‘the CM Punk CM Punk’s abrupt departure from the WB was easily the most shocking of 2014 as we covered in detail his walking out of the WB something you should check out after this video the night after the Royal Rumble CM punk took in what Vince suggested was sabbatical leave Punk however was deflated he hated wrestling thanks to WB scheduled and uncompassionate attitude towards his nagging injuries even though he contemplated returning all that went out the window when he was served his release papers on his wedding day something Vince McMahon said was a total coincidence and later apologized for punk however expressed his feelings towards wwhen on Colt cabanas art of wrestling podcast lamenting why he walked out and why he would not return to the dev Adobe or even wrestling in general in the same year he announced his signing with the UFC competing in the welterweight division and his first fight with Mick Eagle in 2016 Punk was defeated in two minutes and 14 seconds with a rear naked chokehold there’s been no confirmation of a follow-up fight but according to Punk he stated in a 2017 interview I’m throwing names at Donna opponents date I don’t know if he’s waiting for a Chicago show or what the deal is but if it doesn’t happen in the UFC it will happen somewhere else Punk also made an appearance in a music video called the next storm by Frank Tanner this was obviously no relation to his UFC career even though Punk has made no mention of his wrestling career British wrestling promotion five-star wrestling had hopes of luring him back with a 1 million dollar deal to compete in a hundred and twenty eight-man tournament Punk however turned it down and rumors persist that punk will eventually return to the WB number three the Colli Colli entered the WETA feud with the Undertaker in 2006 he shocked wrestling fans in 2007 by winning the WBA heavyweight championship in a battle royal but after spending a number of years in the Dibby Dibby his status was lowered by adopting a comedic gimmick known as the Punjabi Playboy and failed to capture the Heavyweight Championship once more he made a number of appearances in Royal Rumbles and attempted to capture both the US and Intercontinental Championship before being released in 2014 even though Khali wasn’t primarily known for his array of wrestling skills he opened a wrestling school in Punjab India called continental Wrestling Entertainment holding its first event on the 12th of December 2015 Khali made a one-off appearance at WB’s 2017 battleground pay-per-view to assist WBA champion Jinder Mahal during a Punjabi Prison match number 4 Alberto Del Rio in certainly one of the most significant talent cuts of 2014 Del Rio was abruptly fired in August 2014 by WB due to unprofessional conduct following an altercation with the Dibby Dibby employee Del Rio had been informed the at the time de vida be social media manager made racist remarks about him and this led to Del Rio slapping him his actions got him fired only two days after the incident occurred and banned from wrestling in the USA for one year following his release Del Rio returned to Mexican promotion triple-a under the name el patron he would compete in a number of different independent promotions and even returned to WB in 2015 lasting only a year and just before his release he was suspended for 30 days for his first wellness violation after being released del Rio bought a restaurant called la cantine eita in San Antonio Texas which opened in 2016 however since his most recent release Del Rio has been vocal about his hatred for WB mostly targeted towards Triple H in 2017 del Rio recorded a live video of him and then fiance Paige ranting against the Dibby Dibby their relationship recently has become stormy as an investigation into alleged domestic violence occurred in July 2017 consequently Del Rio was suspended and stripped of the global force wrestling World Heavyweight Championship until the investigation is resolved the incident came to light after the couple was seen arguing with each other at the Orlando International Airport number five miss Tico Mexican luchador Mistico was suspended for 30 days on the weekend of the money in the bank pay-per-view in 2014 for violating the WB’s wellness policy rather than wait for his return the WB Brokeback Sin Cara by having FCW wrestler Hunico take on the gimmick after his WB stint he signed a deal with triple-a and we’re going to feud with Rey Mysterio he left the promotion in 2015 and went on to join lucha libre elite and CM Double L where he still wrestled and changed his name to Karis Tico a combination of both Sin Cara and Mistico number six yoshi tatsu another victim of the 12th june mass firings Tatsu returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling after his WB release but he was unable to use the name of Yoshi Tatsu as it was trademarked by the debe de Bie so he used the name Yamamoto hunting down members of the bullet Club one by one his wrestling career nearly came to an end when he made the mistake of tucking his neck on a receiving end of a star’s clash which resulted in his head being driven into the mat leaving him with a broken neck he remained out of action for a year but luckily was able to recover and return to wrestling carrying on his bullet club hunter gimmick and defeating bullet club’s elite Kenny Omega and the young bugs to win the never openweight six-man championship number 7 oksana w divas can come and go in the derby without leaving any impression but that was in the case with lithuanian beauty oksana even though she was a fan favorite and with the company for five years the WB let her go in order to make way for more NXT women wrestlers since she was a former fitness model she decided to go back to it and return to being a personal trainer in tampa florida number eight Ezekiel Jackson a lot of people compared the big man from Guyana to a revamped version of Ahmed Johnson their look was similar and they were both built strong with powerhouse moves his WWE career highlights included winning the Intercontinental Championship and being the last CW champion much like Armour Johnson injuries plagued Jackson sidelining him for nearly a year before returning in a non televised event teaming with Yoshi Tatsu after another surgery in January 2014 he and the WB parted ways in April Jackson signed with TNA and wrestled in lucha underground but he now owns and his head trainer for brick house Pro Wrestling in Redwood City California offering his tuition number nine JT g JTG was one half of WB’s popular tag team crime time however once the team disbanded in 2010 JT g was hardly used in the WB but still managed to keep a contract with them until 2014 as a singles competitor in fact his last televised match was in September 2013 losing to Santino Marella JTG got his release on 12 June and immediately returned to wrestling on the independent circuit teaming with his former partner shad gaspard to form crime time with an eye to avoid any lawsuit with the debit of EE in May 2015 he released a book called damn why did I write this book and released a sequel to the book damn why did I write this book – in May 2016 the books detail a series of short stories based on true events from his career he also starred as knuckles in the 2015 film bad night number 10 Brodus Clay easily one of the many talents during that time that were wasted by the Dibby Dibby the hope was to build clay as a massive threat to top stars appearing alongside the villainous Alberto Del Rio well that didn’t last long and instead WB revamped his character by giving him a dancing gimmick things were looking to get better for the character by turning heel but despite this clay found no immediate success and maintained a losing streak for a number of months before finally getting his release in June 2014 he went to sign on with TNA and wrestled under the new name Tyrus but recently announced on Twitter that he’s been granted his release from the promotion he has been a regular political commentator on the Greg Gutfeld show debating in a number of news stories he is also a part-time actor and has most notably appeared in the Netflix show glow and in a new show called sin he’s also appearing in upcoming films in UT and super Khan releasing this year number 11 Batista oh dear in the fans eyes Batista seemed to do everything wrong in his 2014 return despite putting over a number of wrestlers including Daniel Bryan and Roman reigns his return was overrun with boos from the crowd as he was immediately put back into the main event spotlight taking the spot at WrestleMania that many believe Daniel Bryan deserved Batista left the Derby to be on creative differences and it seemed that wrestling was something he put behind him and concentrated on his acting career most notably Batista played Drax the destroyer in guardians of the galaxy and reprised the same role in guardians of the galaxy vol 2 in 2017 surprisingly he also played Tong PO in the reboot of kick boxer and will also appear in the Blade Runner sequel this year he was offered to make a return at WrestleMania 32 but turned the offer down and number 12 Raquel Diaz real name’s Sean Marie Guerrero an eldest daughter of the late great Eddie Guerrero wrestled in the WB under the ring name Raquel Diaz and was dubbed the queen of FCW unfortunately behind the scenes she was battling an eating disorder and consequently missed a number of televised dates she commented in an interview on HTH radio actually I went into rehab for an eating disorder I was really close to Joey Mercury when I was in FCW he was my mentor slash coach he along with the strength and conditioning coach noticed that I was really sick and I was just not mentally ok and physically doing a really bad job of doing what I needed to do and they finally convinced me to go into rehab for a long time disease I had I took two months off and stayed in a rehab facility and from then on I didn’t know how to come back to wrestling and still keep my recovery intact because this business is very much based on how you look I was just not ready for that kind of challenge so I took a whole year off and really focused on myself and really needed to get healthy mentally emotionally and spiritually after rehab Guerrero seemed to get her life back on track focusing on her acting and singing career in January 2016 Guerrero married Matri Walt better known as aid in English well guys that wraps up today’s video I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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