10 Wrestlers That Vince McMahon Hasn’t Forgiven

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[Applause] say what you want about Vince McMahon but he will always put his business first clearly very good at dealing with personal issues and putting them to one side countless examples of McMahon welcoming folks back into the fold even after quite serious fallings out he doesn’t hold a grudge or feed as he doesn’t let it control his life that’s not bad advice it’s always going to be exceptions to this rule though because that’s just how things work even Vinnie Mac is gonna have his level and when you find it you may just be on the outs forever I’m Simon from what kocha remember to smash that subscribe and this is 10 wrestlers that Vince McMahon hasn’t forgiven number 10 Lex Luger in 1993 Hulk Hogan left to WWE was quite the story at the time given the whole company had been built off his back but such is the way but man’s response was to find another tog duck bodybuilder and just pass across the exact gimmick and hopefully carry on as usual this person was Lex Luger for multiple reasons this didn’t work out but the drop-off was still crazy Lex went from potential main eventers are back in the mid carb and WWE cared so little about him no one even realized his contract expired in 1995 Luger was a free man and he was so fed up of this treatment he jumped at Derby cedar beer for less money this relationship had gone downhill quick and a mojo Raleigh disappeared from TV especially because when he walked out on the first-ever nitro no one backstage in WWE was ready for it it’s a huge surprise for some reason McMahon never forgave Lex for this which is likely why in 2001 when he bought world chairman at wrestling the former narcissist wasn’t offered a deal this worsened when Luka got involved with Miss Elizabeth before a drug habit tragically ended her life quicker than it should have done the blame it seems was placed on Lex’s shoulders Lugar’s own life would spin out of control when a spinal stroke left him paralyzed and even though the two have worked together on some video projects he’s still persona non grata when it comes to WWE probably never see him on Raw Smackdown again feminine’ Scott Steiner Big Poppa pumps final run with WWE from 2002 to 2004 wasn’t that great a few were trouble H was meant to set him up for the long haul but instead it went the other way no it’s work and the blame was put on Steiner move down to the mid card and the tag-team division he was let go just as he was going through the injury that was gonna require major surgery that wasn’t really the straw that broke the camel’s back however ever since Scott has walked away he has taken every opportunity to run down the company and said some truly shocking things about the people who work there one interview I did here on what culture with the man left me stand his description of Stephanie McMahon is something I will never agree with or condone Triple H has also got it in the neck time and time again and you’ve got a figure Vince McMahon is well aware of this and has put Steiner on the nono list can’t really blame them either that’s his family you should have messed with that number AIDS Alberto Del Rio the first Mexican born WWE Champion a Royal Rumble winner the owner of money in the bank no one can say Alberto Del Rio wasn’t given a fair crack of the whip when he was employed by the WWE didn’t stop the tube from falling out quite badly time and time again the first came in 2014 fired an August for slapping a member of staff after racist comments he was brought back into the vote in 2015 where he tangled with John Cena once again it seemed like we were going all-in with Del Rio then ended again Alberto had a clause in his contract that allowed him to walk away if he wasn’t happy with his spot they used that less than 12 months after his return for that very reason he didn’t think World Wrestling Entertainment were getting behind him properly since then man has not been plain sailing no showing many independent events and sayings and cruelly crazy things about WWE in its management there was also a toxic relationship with Paige which didn’t do anybody any favors today he doesn’t seem very popular with backstage officials and his volatile nature has put him on the bad boy list number 7 buck Bagwell Buff Bagwell was fortunate when WCW died in 2001 because Vince McMahon liked how he looked given the rumors about how much knowledge the boss had of outside organizations he likely didn’t know much else about him hence why he was put into the main event on Raw in July 2001 as he tangled with Booker T as it turned out this was sink or swim material and it sunk to the bottom of years of WWE telling its fans that World Championship Wrestling was the enemy came back to bite them in the ass as the crowd attacked both men viciously to the point the match fell apart they were boring chants boos and Bagwell in particular fell off his perch he was clearly affected by all of this and it showed management wasn’t impressed and after telling buff to have a week off he was let go he’s that’s what Bagwell says the other side of the story is that buffs mother Judy rang up probably from a pole and said he needed the week off imagine how that went down backstage this clearly left a mark on McMahon because Bagwell’s name has never been mentioned since there is some way to leave number 6 Dusty Rhodes slightly controversial because of course not only did Dusty Rhodes go into the WWE Hall of Fame but he also got a 10 Bell salute after he sadly passed away as he should have done the American Dream was a legend we even have a statue and the annual Dusty Rhodes tag team classic tournament so no one is suggesting that McMahon hated him the two had known each other for years and really no one could hate dusty he was too much of a character and at least in terms of the modern day was instrumental when it came to NXT success what we’re focused on here is that the son of a plumber was synonymous with WWE’s competition from before they took over the universe for years Rhodes was the NWA and WCW Booker or in the main event and during that time there was no two ways about it Ben saw it as a war it’s why in 1999 when Rhodes was brought into the venn WWF McMahon had him dressed in a polka dot singlet and basically play a joke version of himself also why in 1995 his son Dustin became Goldust I mean that character would go on to much bigger thing but it began with this idea that Vince wanted to take another shot at dusty again that’s not to say he didn’t like them but Road has always stuck in the mid card when he worked under Vinnie Mac and suffered a whole lot of ribbing that’s just the way when you were actively involved in trying to take him down number 5 Colt Cabana Scott Colton’s history with the WWE was reasonably neutral until around winter 2014 between 2007 and 2009 he’d worked in OVW n FCW and for a split second even popped up on the main roster even after all that he left on pretty good times people backstage would vouch for him but when CM Punk chose his best buddies podcaster finally make an official statement about what on between him and WWE over the last year everything changed you already know this story it seems fair that two buddies would want to come together to chat about a huge wrestling issue but Punk adds so much laundry drawing the two episodes that they became far bigger than anybody could have expected within the space of a few hours colt had been written into WWE’s banned books it resulted in a World Wrestling Entertainment back lawsuit against Punk and Cabana which caused three years of stress and destroyed their friendship they also banned all WWE talent from appearing on cabañas podcast in the future and supposedly banned him from visiting friends backstage without doubt one of the most influential independent wrestles on the scene Cabana is fine regardless but still this all ended up far worse than I think anybody expected and really it is very upsetting and before Tully Blanchard Tony Blanchard was there was to piss fans off with a single look you also knew how to wind them up with a well-thought-out promo and he was never considered a cool heel people just hated him no matter what the angle was as with many wrestling personas though there was an element of truth behind this because it said that Blanchard wasn’t exactly good at making friends behind the scenes after ran with Jim Crockett and dusty Rhodes over pay Blanchard and tag team partner Arn Anderson joined the WWF in late 1988 at the brain-busters where they work fantastic matches with the rockers and demolition leaving again after Survivor Series 1989 having negotiated a return deal to WCW 100 failed a test for cocaine and therefore was fired early when World Championship Wrestling found out they also refused to hire him and cut Anderson’s offer which of course then led to a falling-out between those two as well tally would leave wrestling shortly after when it became apparent that nobody would hire him although he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012 as part of the four horsemen he couldn’t pass the interview stage with WWE to get a job as a trainer or an agent many suspect it was Blanche’s reputation for being troublesome that screwed him up and that’s why he makes this list number three CM Punk we all know this story and it’s been debated forever CM Punk walked out on WWE in January 2014 over how he was treated and you either with him all you don’t I know I know the only thing we can come together on is that he probably burned his bridge with Vince McMahon definitely with Triple H now the counterpoint to this is that some use this situation as an example of just another wrestler buying heads with the boss and that eventually he’ll be fine Hey look at hulk hogan bret hart the ultimate warrior all came back to the fold so yeah we should never say never but there’s a slight difference here in the sense that nobody seems to be as proud as CM Punk but he talks about wrestling it truly sounds like he’s done with it and it’s stepping back into a WWE ring is of no interest to him and that does work out the Hitman had unfinished business Warriors falling out was mostly just due to a lot of shouting and Hogan would always go where the money was as for Punk well it’s been six years and he hasn’t even blinked and has also found success elsewhere WWE is not his be all and end all this could always change but you’d have to guess a lot of conversations would have to happen beforehand and I’m not sure we’re ever going to get that maybe he’ll go to where UW and then everybody’s dreams will come true number two Brad Maddox I really like Brad Maddox back in the day dunno why but I thought WWE could have done more with him and thought it was a shame when he just vanished into dust one point there was a glimmer of hope though Maddox did enough to get himself onto TV for a good year but when that character had run its course he needs a repackage if he was ever gonna keep going and he never got it instead details of an affair with Paige back in developmental came to the forefront you know what I’m referring to and the situation changed drastically we never found out where the tiding clips came from but it didn’t serve Maddox very well internally at WWE HQ especially when you remember what happened to the NXT title few superstars would have a chance after this I don’t think we’ll be seeing Brad anytime soon number one nails arriving in the WWE in early 1992 Kevin wood Schultz became nails a convict with a grudge against the big bossman I love early nineties wrestling so stupid so pretty for a while – it seemed like the ex-con was gonna get a big push as well he did lose to the big bossman at the Survivor Series but he was scheduled to feud with the Undertaker unbelievably fans well against that at all they were quite intrigued Billy nails himself wasn’t all that satisfied because around this time there was some kind of financial dispute between him and Vince McMahon and which alts just lost it cornering Vince in his office he also choked him somehow thinking this would get him the extra money he wanted you’ll be shocked to hear he was wrong it took sergeant slaughter and a bunch of agents to drag him off but we weren’t done nails then rang the police and said he wanted a press sexual assault charges against McMahon because that’s the reason as to why he attacked him all of that was dropped but good old keV carried on this explosion when he testified against Vince during the steroid trial his hate for the CEO was so strong however his testimony was seen as anything but credible and the jury didn’t believe a word amazingly it actually helped McMahon get off I don’t think Vince will ever see it that way though and if nails has ever brought back to the company I will eat my own head never happen know of any other wrestlers that Vince McMahon hasn’t forgiven let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to Like share and subscribe then head over to our culture comm and read yourself some articles and follow our culture on Twitter at what culture WWE my name is salmon from what culture and I will chat to you again soon

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