10 Shortest Matches In WWE Wrestling History!

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I can subscribe in four seconds or this snake will bite your toes off almost wrestling matches see both competitors getting their shit in every now and then will get complete decimation either of the competition or of that competitions egos from an unfortunate pinfall I’m dee wicket from watch Debbie w/e and these are the 10 shortest WWE matches of all time number 10 and the rock versus Eric Rowan if you went back in time a week before WrestleMania 32 and you told anyone that your prediction for the host of Wrestlemania the rock to pin was to pin Eric Rowan in a six second match you’d probably be kicked in the nuts AK with a metal shoe waste boo the match came to fruition from a Wyatt family interference John Cena was there with the rock helping him out he lit his own name on fire it was a good time and eventually Rowan decided to step up to the most electrifying man in sports entertainment history and in a shocker ate an immediate rock bottom before taking the pinfall in just six seconds [Applause] number nine schinsky Nakamura versus Jeff Hardy Extreme Rules 2018 will long be remembered as oh yeah that one ages thousand rusev and a WWE Championship match team hell no competing in 2018 Smackdown Women’s Champion carmella retaining against retaining retaining title gold against Tosca with Ellsworth hanging in a goddamn shark cage and the best match of the night either being an Intercontinental Championship main event or a pre-show match involving Sin Cara why is everything about this show so bizarre bidding then that the United States Championship match the night would be equally odd as schinsky Knox lands a low blow before the bell and then drops Hardy with a quick Kinshasa for the fall [Music] number eight Oxana versus Natalia Wow a match before Oksana and Natalia backed before a Natalia could carry matches sounds about as visually stunning as getting shot in the eye so maybe I should be thankful they only went five seconds on an episode of SmackDown before live without context we hear the bell ring before seeing Natalia hit the ropes scream I think where are you at nobody in particular while kolba rates Oksana calling that she’ll be destroyed by Natalia you guys really don’t believe that Oksana is gonna be any type of competitor Oksana then proceeds to roll Nattie up for the one-two Michael Cole you look like a jackass now well an even bigger jackass this was during that obnoxious Miz cock riding heel days 7 Dolph Ziggler vs. Curt Hawkins as if post bran split 2016 wasn’t already going good enough Dolph Ziggler decided to pick up that Intercontinental Championship from The Miz and revived John Cena’s open challenge concept for the blue brand this week’s except t curt longest losing streak in WWE history hawkins every wrestlers is favorite opponent because duh that’s just a free win you’re gonna be the source of them all signals prove that in flying color fashion with a swift superkick to the dome into the dropping cover for one of the easiest wins of that man’s career [Applause] number six Shelton Benjamin versus maven a pair of talents with plenty of potential that always found themselves being handled a bit poorly Shelton and mavens 2005 feud over the Intercontinental Championship didn’t really do anything to prove that wrong case in point a match between the two where Shelton hits a t-bone suplex and goes for the quick pinfall only to actually get the pinfall all of this took place after about 10 minutes of maven berating the crowd – making it a nice little babyface moment for the champ unfortunately all Shelton Benjamin footage has been destroyed and replaced with a single clip so I’m afraid that’s all I have to show you let’s let’s at least his hope it’s something good [Music] number five trish stratus versus Nydia night nod NIT something you and I will be basing each other I mean when I’m ready trish stratus took place in a match at SummerSlam that was more entertaining than aj styles versus ricochet let that sink in sorry I needed to get that off my chest and to be fair it’s no diss to straddle she might have started off rough but that’s exactly why green is wrestling Wingo she became so damn good at her job that she made this little segment with Nydia entertaining and I’ve never heard of Nydia before obviously I can’t even pronounce the name right so I really didn’t give a shit going into things however Stratus entertained well as apparently she had some sort of ability to pick her stipulation for a women’s title match that Nydia had earned a cast wearing Trish clearly couldn’t be competing in matches or at least so you’d think before she came out to bash nighty over the head with her cast and forced the ref to ring the bell leading to the easiest for second victory of her career [Applause] [Music] number four the rock versus Big Boss Man before Rowan it was the boss man getting dropped immediately to good old Dwayne during the 1998 deadly game Survivor Series event the second round was ushered in with a match where the rock was supposed to have a bye and not have to compete but since he hadn’t earned here with the corporation yet and Vinson Coast sent out big bossman to handle his business if bossman drops to a very quick roll-up looking incredibly foolish to anyone watching live at the time but just like we re watching The Sixth Sense it’s a little bit different the second time you realize that this was just the easiest way to get the rock move past round two without playing their ace card on Mick Foley later in the main event number three spike Dudley versus William Regal the only match to make its way on to both the most creative cheaters as well as the shortest matches of all time lists spike Dudley’s genius use of regal zone antics gave us my personal favorite European Championship match of all time as well as the only one I’ve ever seen regal left his brass knuckles inside the turnbuckle so when the ref checked him out he wouldn’t get caught spike entered early during this to steal the Knux sneaked a punch and walk out the door with the quickest European title match victory in just three seconds number two Chris Jericho and Jerry Lawler versus Taz and Midian the only tag match to make its way onto the list might be one of the most thrown together sounding matches I’ve ever heard in my life and it really shouldn’t shock anyone to know most tag matches working to be in contention tonight for more stars and a match the more time you’d like to spend with them typically so it would make sense that there’s only one most so how cool is it that it gives us Jericho and Waller together I like that imagine a 90’s he’ll Jerry Lawler alongside Chris Jericho they’d be like they Haman walking around with CM Punk on a promo level of that era okay anyways tez had a surprise partly he didn’t know and it turned out to be Midian and not just any Midian naked Midian bell rings flower capitalizes everyone goes home happy or more likely traumatized from the thought of a naked Midian and number one Santino Marella versus Beth Phoenix how how dare those words for coming together to form a real thing that happened because yes while going through the rocky road of a relationship with Santino Beth Phoenix was unfortunately pinned in just three seconds as well by her boyfriend but it wasn’t her boyfriends not in spirits or visuals at least as this was during the Santina Marella phase you know when Santino started dressing and drag pretending to be his own sister and winning the Miss WrestleMania diva battle royal that was designed to show love and appreciation for the women of wrestling over the last 25 years yeah he also picked up a pinfall over pioneering now legend Beth Phoenix in the shortest WWE match of all time a sentence I really don’t think I ever want to let Foley sink in you and those are the 10 shortest WWE matches of all time what are you thoughts listen on the cam Istanbul after liking the video subscribe to the channel and notifications in that bow [Music]

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