10 CRAZY Things Former Wrestlers Said About WWE!

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I said bring it on ever effort come on and he just text me back with a little smiley face and said calm down junior liked the video subscribe to the channel and turn on those notifications and once you’re done leave a comment down below and I just might end up responding once you make your way out of the WWE all bets are off that seems to be the general rule when it comes to wrestlers at least while your everyday Walmart employee could probably talk to Walmart to their managers face without fear WWE bit more stringent when it comes to keeping their boat and I’m locked down I’m Dee Wicca from watch Debbie W eat and here’s 10 shocking things that former WWE wrestlers said after leaving the company number 10 Dean’s return was screwed twice Dean Ambrose making this list should not surprise anyone given the fact that he went on talk as Jericho just a few months after his release and very publicly put the company on blast for about an hour of the podcasts hour and a half duration among the things he said perhaps the worst was the fact he openly talked to Vince about hating who he was on television the character he portrayed and how even despite that he still went out there every night in made work in return WWE decided to constantly screw him even more for example when returning alongside Seth Rollins in mid twenty eighteen he was promised to be able to return at SummerSlam only to get stuck returning the week prior last minute this was a shitty move on their part but maybe even worse was taking away the surprise factor of his return wrestlers crave that big return pop and Dean had been waiting nine months for it and WWE instead scripted Seth to spoil the return seconds before it happened I figure I ought to have a lunatic in mine number nine Bowie ray got screwed the Dudley’s Bubba and Yvonne returned to W East tag team seen in 2015 to come help put over all the young talent there and give them the veterans rub except the Dudley’s were still kind of on top of their game and didn’t need to be relegated to the jabra status at least blah blah definitely was going as Bowie ray and impact Bubba had crafted a fantastic singles character for himself that was supposed to be brought over to the WWE according to Bubba they cancelled it last minute the very night before he was supposed to read debut due to fearing the advertisers being worried about a character literally named Bowie which is a terrible reason to cut the legs from a guy and supposedly played a pretty big part in his way out of the company [Applause] number eight Jericho and ko were the main event going into WrestleMania 33 easily the best storyline with the most hype build and anticipation was Chris Jericho versus Kevin Owens in just a few months before WrestleMania the scheduled match was for Jericho and ko to main event the show of shows with the universal championship on the line with y2j walking out with the big red Jam in a very short duration of time plans changed so drastically that Goldberg ended up taking the title off of ko at Fastlane and then Jericho was thrown the United States title and they were bumped all the way down to the second match he positioned that Jericho claim to be one of the worst and he hated it so much that he cited it as one of the big frustrations that inspired him to leave [Applause] number seven Alberto Del Rio’s locker room comments we should all already know about the racist social media manager and how Del Rio ended up being fired an entire month before the dude he was defending himself against and yeah that’s real but we already kind of know that one perhaps alleged he and more just proper surprising for his comments on the roster itself back in 2015 when he had just dipped from the company Del Rio a former MMA fighter who knows a thing or two about the real variants of these K faved moves claims that 70% of the roster had never been in a real fight for a sport legitimately based on the concept of fighting and with so many huge muscled up machines with big egos and even bigger egos walking around there you probably have expected that number to be a little bit higher I sure did there’s 70% of those guys and the company at the moment they have never been in a real fight in their life number six Adam rose and Eva Marie bashed the Wellness Policy both Adam rose and Eva Marie were among wrestlers hitting the Wellness Violation scandal of mid 2016 and both wrestlers came out with legitimate proof that the drugs they had been tested positive on and suspended for were 100% doctors approved and safe in Eva’s case she claims she had missed the deadline on warning WWE about her prescriptions by just one day but for Adam Rose he posted proof to Twitter immediately after his suspension that his drugs work for ADHD doctor prescribed and that WWE knew about them beforehand so it really is not surprising that he stayed under the company and showed no interest in coming back well that and the bunny come on Zeb don’t be a lemon be a rose number five Dean screwed again on his way out of the company tension between Dean Ambrose and WWE could not have been higher and once he was for sure on his way out WWE really bold some petty the nya Jack spewed was just weird but way far worse was the fact that WWE crafted an entire shield documentary essentially surrounding Dean Ambrose leaving the company that aired very soon after he left how much did he make for this entire special based around him you may ask $500 may seem like a decent amount of money to some people but uh this is WWE yeah if you show up to TV and they don’t use you your father a bucks or like you I think that’s like what extras get yeah that’s like the minimum 500 bucks the network’s special come on number four Alex Riley blames Cena a good few wrestlers over the years of pinpointed issues with big match super Cena Jon over a potential ego trip that he had going on for a few years around 2009 to 2012 supposedly these were the years prior to the humble hero we know now and these years were synonymous was seen and getting into some backstage issues with a number of different wrestlers possibly the most noteworthy would be Alex Riley because Riley was being groomed for superstardom he was paired up with the Miz as something of a better than sidekick and he was getting a solid push for a good amount of time rumors from Ryback stated that there was an altercation backstage that led to Cena and getting Riley completely buried having him taken away from the Miz imputed out in just a few months before being relegated to the job or status which Riley confirmed [Applause] number three calm down jr. all right there’s a lot of veg but on this list and there’s still an unfortunate more to come so while we can let’s still have our fun because this might be the greatest text message I’ve ever heard of Jericho told a story on the busted open radio about an incident where he goaded a crowd into throwing at him and as this was during a DX reunion era back in 2009 there were a lot of glowsticks being thrown despite the fact that DX had already performed that night and didn’t need people in the crowd with glow sticks Hunter and Shawn were pissed and Steph herself was threatening Jericho for his actions which he completely blew off because one it’s Steph who cares and two he got the heat he was going for so instead of dealing with her nonsense he took it straight to Vince on the phone cut a promo on this man for like minutes and well this might really just be the greatest reaction text in history I said bring it on ever effort come on and he just texts me back with a little smiley face and said calm down jr. number two RVD merely told Vince to pick a hand for those of you who don’t know Rob Van Dam’s chilled out yet no nonsensical behavior on screen is exactly how the man is in real life ninety-nine percent of the time he’s the coolest dude but piss him off and he had no fear taking a stand after nearly having to quit the WWE due to exhausted burnout Van Damme spotted 10 days off coming up on the calendar and knew that he could at least make it till then and then enjoy a nice vacation but then Vince came to him about a tribute to the troops show which just so happened to be on the exact same 10 days Van Damme flat-out refused to go but Vince being Vince was very persistent to the point where RVD actually felt that Vince thought he could just straight-up control him in whatever he did to which RVD merely gave Vince the legendary pick a hand which if you didn’t know his Rob Van Dam holding out two hands telling the person he’s pissed at to pick one and then bashing them over the head with it because he’s the coolest mother I’ve never met I was thinking at all I pick and Paul Heyman told me not to he said that would be a mistake yeah well um he’s got a firm grasp of the obvious and number one Ashley’s story Ashley Massaro passed away not too long ago and unfortunately never got to tell her story which is very unfortunate I won’t go into detail but Ashley had documented the events that took place while in Saudi Arabia and essentially she was in a medical room with some wrestlers before she alone was taken into a separate room then drugged to the point of being conscious yet paralyzed and then was brutally while completely helpless the full story is horrifying yet a fairly important read so I encourage anyone who doesn’t know it already to just look it up and read her own words because I really don’t want to go into more detail myself rest in peace Ashley Massaro [Music] and those are ten shocking things former w/e wrestlers said about the company what are your thoughts on that tom was down below after liking the video subscribing to the channel in notifications in that Bell [Music]

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